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Matt Lauer tells Jimmy Fallon about his germaphobe nightmare on dream vacation

As any regular viewer of TODAY knows, there's one thing Matt Lauer really doesn't like: germs!
/ Source: TODAY

As any regular viewer of TODAY knows, there's one thing Matt Lauer really doesn't likes: germs!

So when the self-professed germaphobe visited Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night and shared a story about an amazing vacation in a rural — very rural — part of New Zealand, the downside of the fishing trip came as no surprise.

"You know what has not improved in 200 years? Outhouses," he said. "Even if you have a Porta Potty ... you know that once a week, they're going to pick that thing up, put it on the back a truck and hose it down or steam it down. An outhouse is basically a hole in the ground with a toilet seat. There's nothing else to it."

And there's nothing appealing about it to someone who'd rather have easy access to plumbing.

TODAY's Matt Lauer chats with Jimmy Fallon on \"The Tonight Show,\" April 27, 2016.Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

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"You'd be amazed how long you can hold it, if your only option is to go into an outhouse," Matt declared. "I think I held it for four days. No, seriously. I don't need to eat lunch and dinner, because I know I'm going to have to go in that outhouse eventually."

Despite the ew-inducing situation, Matt loved the location, referring to New Zealand as "the most sensational country on the planet."

So, eventually, he found a way to make the most of his vacation.

"Use the outhouse, bathe in Purell. Use the outhouse, bathe in Purell," and so on.

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