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See Matt get pranked during his first visit to 'The Meredith Vieira Show'

Meredith Vieira has returned to visit TODAY countless times since her departure in 2011. But now that the former TODAY anchor has her own show, it was time on Thursday for Matt Lauer to head into her domain.

Meredith welcomed Matt like only she could — with a prank, turning his dressing room into a storage closet and leaving a lovely (read: obscenity-filled) note in lipstick on his mirror.

The prank, as it turns out, is one that Meredith plays on Matt every time she visits TODAY. 

And, Matt revealed, the prank actually once got Meredith in trouble with TODAY's security team. "They thought, literally, that someone had broken into my dressing room and vandalized the place," he recalled.

"They were very mad," Meredith agreed.

With the fun and games out of the way, it was time for, well, more fun and games during the actual interview, when the two chatted about TODAY's Halloween costumes and Matt's history of dressing like a woman for the holiday. 

"I'm a little conservative," Matt said. "But one day a year, you get to be someone totally different."

Matt teased Meredith back, reminding her of the fact that she messed up a line on her first day with TODAY. "You didn't just flub a line, you flubbed the signature line of the show," he said.

Meredith and Matt also faced off in a game of "Call My Bluff," where they traded stories that were either real or fake, and the other had to guess what was true.

During the game, Matt shared the true story of how he proposed to his wife, Annette, in Venice, which Meredith guessed was true. But Meredith's guess wasn't good enough. Watch the full clip to see how Matt out-bluffed his former TODAY co-host.

TODAY's Elizabeth Murray and Matt Murray contributed to this report.