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Matt dresses up like a woman for Halloween...again!

If you're keeping score, this is the 5th time that Matt has embraced his feminine side on Halloween.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s Halloween, which means that once again Matt Lauer is embracing his feminine side.

The TODAY anchor has already been there and done that when it comes to dressing up as Jennifer Lopez in 2000:

Matt Lauer dressed as pop sensation Jennifer Lopez and Al Roker as Sean "Puffy" Combs.
Matt first indulged his feminine side on Halloween when he dressed as Jennifer Lopez in her famous Grammy Awards dress in 2000.TODAY

Paris Hilton in 2004:

Image: Halloween at the "Today" Show
Matt Lauer strutted his stuff on Rockefeller Plaza as Paris Hilton in 2004. FilmMagic

He ran in slow motion on the beach as Pamela Anderson’s C.J. from “Baywatch” in 2013:

Image: Matt Lauer
Matt showed off his slow-motion running as C.J. Parker, Pamela Anderson's character from "Baywatch," four years ago. Charles Sykes / AP

And perhaps his most terrifying costume, Lucy van Pelt from the “Peanuts" in 2015:

Image: Lucy and Matt Lauer
Two years ago, Matt became a cartoon, transforming into Lucy from "Peanuts." Peanuts; TODAY

He embraced his Jerry Seinfeld look-alike status for TODAY’s homage to the ‘90s last year, but this year he went back to his female-centric Halloween roots by donning big hair and high heels to become the legendary Dolly Parton.

To help him figure out just how to transform into the country music icon, he said hello to Dolly herself.

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“Am I OK with it?’’ she said. “I'm here to teach you how to do it!”

The 71-year-old Country Music Hall of Famer brought out her giant “Dolly starter kit” featuring big hair, a “Botox gun,” and the “Boob Tube” to help him look like he could walk right out on stage and belt out “9 to 5.”

Matt Lauer and Dolly Parton, Halloween 2017 on TODAY
Dolly Parton came prepared with a full kit to help Matt with his costume. TODAY

It’s not just about dressing like Dolly, though. Matt also had to learn how to strut like her.

“There's a little bit of hillbilly swag,’’ she said while demonstrating. “It's kind of between a lope and a sexy drag.”

Matt’s homage to Dolly as part of TODAY’s country music-themed Halloween came six days after she joined fellow country legend Kenny Rogers on stage for his retirement concert in Nashville.

We apologize, this video has expired.

The two appeared on TODAY last week to talk about making hits together and why they never became a couple.

Savannah Guthrie filled the shoes of Dolly’s famous duet partner on Tuesday by dressing up as Rogers. They were joined by Al Roker as Willie Nelson, Hoda Kotb as Blake Shelton, Kathie Lee Gifford as Miley Cyrus, Carson Daly as Billy Ray Cyrus, and Megyn Kelly as Shania Twain.

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