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Are Matt Robertson and Khani Le from 'Longest Third Date' still together? They tell us

They flew to Costa Rica on a whim in March 2020. What happened next? It all unfolds in a Netflix documentary.
Khani Le and Matt Robertson
Khani Le and Matt Robertson in "Longest Third Date."Courtesy of Netflix

Matt Robertson, a 34-year-old marketing executive, and Khani Le, a 32-year-old publicist, have redefined what it means to go on a third date.

Typical activities might include going out to dinner or a comedy show. In March 2020, while planning their third date, Robertson and Le decided to throw out the script and book a "fun, spontaneous" trip to Costa Rica instead.

"I thought, what could really go wrong?" Robertson tells in a joint interview with Le.

The free-spirited duo found out when COVID-19 began to spread worldwide, Robertson and Le found themselves stuck in Costa Rica for three months.

Khani Le and Matt Robertson
Khani Le and Matt Robertson in "Longest Third Date."

The couple’s journey unfolds in the Netflix documentary “Longest Third Date," which shows the unexpected path their relationship took after matching on Hinge in March 2020.

I thought, what could really go wrong,

matt Robertson

Robertson, a lifelong blogger, decided to record the entire experience, with footage starting from arriving to the airport on March 17 through their relationship's blossoming.

At first, Le was put off by the cameras — and by Robertson's aspiration to become an influencer. As a publicist who worked with "annoying" influencers in the past, Le said the idea of dating one turned her off completely.

"If I had any deal breakers, it would be I didn't want to date an influencer-type person," she says in the documentary. "I didn't find out 'til we were in Costa Rica. I was like, 'Oh, this guy is trying to be a vlogger.'"

But the more they got to know one another, the less Le cared about Robertson's filming habit.

Being trapped in a country with a stranger during an unfolding global crisis could be the premise of a horror movie — but for Le and Robertson, it was a romance. The couple spent their days in Costa Rica embracing the country's motto, "pura vida," which translates to "simple life." They danced, cooked and explored. While doing so, they learned about each other.

It wasn't long before they fell in love.

"Throughout it all, I could tell we were getting very close," Le says. "We're very compatible and we lean on each other. It just happened really well."

Robertson agrees, saying, “It was a really crazy experience for us to go through together. But it made us a lot closer.”

Robertson says the experience forced him to change. Before Le, he was a bachelor not looking too hard for a relationship — in fact, in the documentary, he said Le was his first "right swipe" after 58 no's. As time went on in Costa Rica with Le, he started opening his heart to the idea of love.

Khani Le and Matt Robertson
Matt Robertson gives Khani Le a kiss on the cheek in Netflix's "Longest Third Date."Courtesy of Netflix

"I was clinging to my bachelor ways. But eventually, that guard just kept coming down and down over time," he says.

Le, in the documentary, says she wasn't looking for anything serious, either, until she met Robertson.

Robertson and Le made things official in Costa Rica. The documentary also explores how Le and Robertson dealt with their private romance becoming public after People published a story about them.

"That just kind of started this whole whirlwind of everyone finding out," Le says.

"From there, it was like, one interview after another," Robinson explains.

As the story gained more traction, Le struggled with fame, whereas Robertson took to the attention easily. The contrast created tension.

"I hated doing those interviews and I didn't like the sight of Matt," Le says in the documentary. "I started wondering where his motive was in all of this."

Le also worried about how her and Robinson’s relationship would change once they got back to New York. In an exchange captured on camera, Le says that when the media asks about their future plans, she doesn't know how to answer.

Turns out their future had much of the same in store. A month after they flew back on a government-sponsored flight through the embassy, Le and Robertson moved in together. They also commemorated their time in Costa Rica by getting “pura vida” tattoos.

Today, they live in New York with a French bulldog named Banks. Still going on adventures around the world, Robertson says he feels like they're still on their third date.

"Now the pressure, I think, for me is — what am I going to do for a fourth date?"