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Massive 'Simpsons' supercut features every movie reference in first 10 seasons

Every fan of "The Simpsons" knows the show is rife with pop culture references, some more overt than others. But over its 25 seasons on the air, just how many of those references have been snagged from movies?

Many. Many more than you might even think. In fact, as film website Next Movie discovered, nearly 40 minutes worth of references — in just the first 10 seasons.

Woo hoo!

So for those who may not have ever caught "First Blood" or "The Gay Divorcee" or even "Casablanca," here's a supercut (or, since they're 20 minutes each, maybe these are more of a super-duper cut) of every reference the show made in those early years, along with the relevant film name at the bottom of the screen.

Tip: Don't scroll down all of the way. Keep those movie titles hidden when you hit "play," and then try to guess as you go along. Good luck!