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See movie magic get made with this 'Mary Poppins Returns' behind-the-scenes clip

The movie is filled with special effects, but a simple trick made a big splash.
/ Source: TODAY

In order for "Mary Poppins Returns" to be practically perfect in every way, a lot of CGI and special effects had to be employed.

But as a clip that's gone viral on social media over the weekend reveals, sometimes what you really need is a big bathtub, a lot of bubbles, a willing actress ... and a slide!

The clip is part of a 27-minute "For Your Consideration" awards season video that showcases how many of the fantastical scenes were put together.

In the clip, Emily Blunt (as Mary) has been trying to get the children to take a bath, and they've already disappeared under the bubbles. Now she sits on the edge of the tub to join them, and falls backward into an under water musical sequence.

But as you'll see in the clip, Blunt really goes down a slide that pulls her under the set. The final sequence looked like this in the film:

The video has all kinds of treats like that, including the fact that Mary's wonderful ruffled skirt in the animated bowl sequence ... actually has no ruffles at all: they've been painted on by costume designer Sandy Powell.

There's so much fun stuff to discover, we're positively bubbly with delight!