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'Mary Poppins' remix is supercalifrag -- oh, you know

This is sheer fun. Nick Bertke, who makes videos using the name Pogo, has assembled a catchy-as-heck song using bits and pieces of dialogue and music from the beloved 1964 movie musical "Mary Poppins."

"What I Likes" is so named because it picks up that classic Dick Van Dyke (as Bert the chimney sweep) line, "I does what I likes, and I likes what I do." But it also blends bits of music from Bert's one-man band, Mary's lilting laughter, Julie Andrews' gentle singing, Jane and Michael singing their ad for a nanny, bossy Mr. Banks and more.

The day Bertke uploaded the video to YouTube was also his birthday, a fact he noted when he posted it. " Just realized I'm uploading this on me birfday," he wrote. "Fitting. Mary Poppins practically shaped me as a kid."

The video was warmly received, with Gawker headlining their post about it with, "I Can't Stop Listening to This Weirdly Wonderful Mary Poppins Mix," and YouTube fan Kathryn Miche writing, "omg literally i'm in love with everything you make. thank you (: it's all amazing."