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Mary-Kate Olsen-Ben Kingsley lip lock

21-year-old actress has ‘full make-out session’ with actor in new movie
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Mary-Kate Olsen and Sir Ben Kingsley caught locking lips! Is this Hollywood's hottest (albeit oddest) new couple? Not exactly.

The 21-year-old Olsen and the 63-year-old Kingsley share a passionate kiss in the new indie film "The Wackness," Access Hollywood has learned.

The film stars young Josh Peck as Luke, a teenage drug dealer who trades pot for sessions with his therapist Dr. Squires, played by Kingsley. Mary-Kate plays Union, one of Peck's customers.

After Dr. Squires has a falling out with his wife (Famke Janssen), he forms a friendship with Luke.

Luke and Dr. Squires deal some drugs, get drunk in a bar and that's when the elder Oscar winner hooks up with Mary-Kate's character.

Believe it or not, the film is described as a comedy.

According to the New York Post, the scene is a "full make-out session."

Shooting began in New York on July 12 and is scheduled to wrap up August 24.

The film marks Mary-Kate's first notable big screen role since 2004's "New York Minute" alongside twin sis Ashley.

She also made a brief appearance in the Sienna Miller-Guy Pearce movie "Factory Girl" as an art gallery patron.

Mary-Kate will also joins the cast of the Showtime series "Weeds" this season in a co-starring role.

Peck is most known from the Nickelodeon teen sitcom "Drake & Josh."