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Marriage may be next for Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears and her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, “want to get married really bad,” a source close to the Spears family told Access. The source added that Jamie Lynn and Casey’s parents “don’t think they should. They are too young. They should wait.”

The source says one major problem is that Jamie Lynn has, “the mind of a teenager. She doesn’t understand the ramifications. She’s just a child with not a lick of sense.” The source continued, “there’s no reasoning with her,” and explained that Jamie Lynn is, “not thinking 10 years down the road, not even two years down the road.”

As to whether an abortion was ever an issue, the source vaguely said there were external forces who pushed for it, but the “Zoey 101” star, “didn’t consider it at all,” and “the family said ‘no.’”

The young actress, now 12 weeks pregnant, had kept her pregnancy a secret and didn’t divulge the news to her mom until about three weeks ago. Her parents, Lynne and Jamie were “devastated,” said the source. They “worked so hard to have [her act] different from Britney,” and thought she “had learned a lesson from watching Britney.”

On the subject of Jamie Lynn’s famous older sibling, the source said Britney seemed neither upset nor excited. “Britney doesn’t have the capacity to feel either way.”

The insider also said that Jamie Lynn doesn’t yet know the sex of the baby.

In addition to Lynne Spears’ book on motherhood, which is currently on hold, the source said that the Spears matriarch a few years ago had quietly written a series of children’s books, which she had hoped to sell, but that she has now scrapped those plans as well.

Jamie Lynn’s father is reportedly also speaking out about his daughter’s pregnancy. He is reportedly “furious” with his daughter and ex-wife for selling the pregnancy story to OK! Magazine, a source close to the Spears family told Us Weekly.

“He put his foot down and refused to take any money and ‘profit off of his children,’” the source tells Us. “Lynne didn’t care.”

He’s “extremely depressed” and “feels Jamie Lynn ruined her life,” the source continues to Us.

The morning talk shows also all chimed in on the Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy today. While Regis brushed quickly over the news, the ladies of “The View” were up to their usual outspokenness. Joy Behar joked of Lynne Spears’ parenting book, “It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer writing a book on food!”