Maroon 5 heats up TODAY plaza with hits, checks egos at the door

Image: Maroon 5
Maroon 5.TODAY
By Randee Dawn

On a chilly June morning in New York, it's imperative that someone come along to heat up the throngs in the TODAY plaza. Fortunately, Maroon 5 were booked for Toyota Concert Series duties, and did just that on Friday -- playing three of their hits and chatting with the show's complement of hosts.

The Grammy-winning band of James Valentine (guitar), Mickey Madden (bass), Matt Flynn (drums), and "The Voice" mentor/band singer Adam Levine kept the vocal, packed crowd bouncing with tunes like "One More Night," "Love Somebody" and "Payphone." (Extra stand-in members PJ Morton on keyboard and Sam Farrar on guitar also backed them up.)

The band has been together for over 10 years now (and Levine and Madden have been buds since 7th grade), but Levine admitted that "television shows like 'The Voice' helped a lot" in getting them more well known. "All of these things happened in an amazing way; we're stoked," he added.

But now that he's been mentoring and judging on "Voice" for two seasons, Savannah Guthrie wondered if Levine had started sharing a few "pointers" with his bandmates.

"No, they definitely don't like that!" said Levine, then corrected himself: "And I don't do that."

But when his bandmates were queried, they all said "no comment."

"No comment!" cried Levine. "See, he hates me."

Fortunately, the band has a way to keep egos in check -- they're frank with one another and will happily tell the offending member if he's turning into an irritant.

Chuckled Levine, "It happens like three times a week."

Maroon 5 hit the road on Aug. 1 in St. Louis for a 31-date tour featuring Kelly Clarkson.

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