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Mark Wahlberg planning reality TV show about contraband

Peter Kramer / AP / Today
Mark Wahlberg is looking to get into the reality TV show business.

Burgers and contraband: Mark Wahlberg has his priorities in order.

At least, the actor does for two reality TV shows he's working on, according to WENN. The website reports that Wahlberg, who was previously reported as working to secure a reality series about his family-run burger diner, Wahlburgers, is now looking at a second reality series tentatively titled "Port of L.A."

The show would focus on the "ins and outs of the contraband crime world at the Port of Los Angeles," according to WENN.

Wahlberg said, "It’s a reality show, like a docudrama.... We’ve been spending a lot of time down there and just knowing all the real dangers that are there, like smuggling, human trafficking; I mean everything across the board. There was an incident that happened that was never reported that shut down the L.A. harbor for a week and was costing the nation $2.5 billion a day! Once that stops, nothing happens; nothing comes and nothing comes out."

"The Fighter" star, whose role as an "Entourage" producer ended in September (along with the show), took an interest in this particular area of crime while making his upcoming movie "Contraband" (out Jan. 13, 2012), itself a remake of an Icelandic film from 2009.

"It’s pretty scary stuff but it’s a fascinating world and obviously (with) the whole smuggling thing, they can never figure out the way they (authorities) go about checking containers, the guessing game. It’s a real cat and mouse game. I thought 'Contraband' was an interesting story and would be entertaining if we could do it the right way," he explained.

Just how such illegal doings could be filmed and presented as a reality show -- without law enforcement showing up to shut everything down -- remains to be seen.

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