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Mark Wahlberg says move to Nevada gave kids an opportunity to ‘pursue their interests’

The actor moved his family from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 2022.
/ Source: TODAY

Mark Wahlberg and his family seem to be settling into life in Nevada.

In 2022, Wahlberg moved his family from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, a decision he told People was ultimately the right move for his children.

“It’s a place where my kids can thrive and do their thing and pursue their interests,” he told the outlet in an article published March 17.

Wahlberg and his wife of nearly 15 years, Rhea Durham, are parents to four children: Ella, 20, Michael, 17, Brendan, 15, and Grace, 14.

The 52-year-old actor announced his family's big move in an October 2022 episode of “The Talk,” sharing at the time that he wanted to give his children “a better life.”

“Every free moment that I have, I’m at home. I want to be able to work from home,” he said. “I moved to California many years ago to pursue acting and I’ve only made a couple of movies in the entire time that I was there.”

He added: “So, to be able to give my kids a better life and follow and pursue their dreams, whether it be my daughter as an equestrian, my son as a basketball player, my younger son as a golfer. This made a lot more sense for us.”

Wahlberg gave an update to E! News in April 2023 about his family adjusting to life in Las Vegas, telling the outlet, “They love Vegas.”

"I spent lots of time in L.A. pursuing my interests and my career and now it's time for them to pursue theirs,” he said. “Everybody is thriving there, it's been great.”

While there were rumors that Wahlberg was planning to move again when he sold a property in Nevada, the actor told in October 2023 that his family was living in a “temporary place” and had “moved from one house to another.”

“When we decided to move (to Las Vegas), we wanted to move before school started, so we moved into a temporary place and we now moved into another place,” he explained at the time. “The plan was always to build, not only a studio but a family home. We just moved from one house to another.”

Wahlberg added, “I miss California, I miss the weather, but the kids are thriving (in Las Vegas).”