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Mark Wahlberg approves of Jeremy Allen White's Calvin Klein campaign: One of many 'worthy successors'

Wahlberg, who starred in Calvin Klein underwear campaigns throughout the early 1990s, is a fan of White's January photoshoot and said he's a worthy successor.

Mark Wahlberg has some thoughts on "The Bear" star Jeremy Allen White's Calvin Klein underwear photoshoot.

Wahlberg, who starred in Calvin Klein underwear ads throughout the early 1990s, said White is "absolutely" a worthy successor.

“There’s been many, many worthy successors,” Wahlberg told People.

Calvin Klein has long tapped major celebrities for their underwear shoots, and has found massive success with campaigns including Justin Bieber and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

White's campaign, which was released in January on White and Calvin Klein's Instagrams, instantly went viral as fans gushed over the photoshoot.

“This is the ONLY thing I want to see when I open up IG from now on,” one fan wrote in the comments.

In one black-and-white photo, White suggestively stares into the camera, while pulling his underwear down a bit with his right thumb. White said his favorite part of the clothes was the fit.

“I think it’s just the fit," he told People. "There’s also the texture and comfort of it. For me, it’s the hem on the waist. I like it closer to the waistline. Like this wonderful Calvin Klein white tee, the sleeves should wrap just around the shoulders. That’s what makes a nice white tee."

Some fans pointed out one part we don’t really see throughout the shoot.

“Am I crazy or is there no belly button?” one person asked.

In another picture, White is lying on a red couch on a New York City rooftop. His jeans are partially pulled down, exposing his underwear, while his arm rests along his forehead, covering his face from the sun.

The campaign also made the couch go viral, as people were soon searching to buy similar-looking red couches. The couch used in the photoshoot was soon put on Facebook Marketplace — for $0.

“[I] know there’s lots of fans out there who’d love to get their hands on it. Must be willing to pick up in New York,” the description reads.

Aside from the seductive campaign, Wahlberg said he also approved of White's performances, which included a role as wrestler Kerry Von Erich in "The Iron Claw."

Wahlberg also revealed he wants to work with White in the future, and is gearing up to send him a script.

“I think that guy’s really talented,” he said. “So we’re sending him a script — a cool story that we think he’d be great for.”

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg walk the runway at the Seventh Annual California Fashion Industry Friends of AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) Benefit Dinner and Fashion Show to Honor Calvin Klein in Hollywood, CA.Barry King / Alamy Stock Photo