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Is Mariah's man living high on her money?

Mariah Carey's new hubby, Nick Cannon, has racked up some high-priced purchases.
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In the month since Nick Cannon’s became Mr. Mariah Carey, he’s racked up some high-priced purchases. But who’s really paying for them? According to the National Enquirer, all the designer duds and other treats come courtesy of his new wife’s bank account.

“Nick’s having a field day with Mariah’s moolah!” a friend of the diva told the Enquirer. “His head is spinning with the possibilities her black Amex card affords. For now, Mariah is being indulgent with his spending spree, but at the same time, it’s sent up a red flag.”

Shortly after the wedding, the actor-rapper was even seen test-driving a $120,000 Maserati Quattroporte. “He already has at least six luxury cars, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Cadillac Escalade,” the insider said. “So why would he need another set of wheels? He’s taking advantage of Mariah’s generosity.”

Another Mariah pal points to Nick’s wedding bling, a heavily bejeweled band, as the sort of thing he expects Mariah to provide. “It’s garish and tacky — and yet another example of Nick’s extravagance at Mariah’s expense," the source told the magazine. “It’s as if Nick is trying to spend as much as he can as fast as he can — because deep down he knows the gravy train could stop at any time.”

Angelina surprised she fell for Brad
There wouldn’t be a Brangelina Bunch without Brad Pitt, but Angelina Jolie says she never planned to partner with the actor. In an interview in the July issue of Vanity Fair, the “Mighty Heart” star shared how it all began.

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“After my last divorce, I said I was absolutely going to marry somebody in another field, an aid worker or something,” Angelina confessed. “Then I met Brad, everything I wasn’t looking for, but the best man, the best father I could possibly wish for, you know? I don’t see him as an actor. I see him very much as a dad, as somebody who loves travel and architecture more than being in movies.”

Angelina also sees him as someone who loves humanitarian endeavors as much as she does.

“Though he wasn’t as publicly active, I found him to be very aware of the world, very curious, very compassionate,” she told the magazine. “In his private way, he had been doing a lot. When we met, we realized our common goals were that we both wanted to be involved in the world and see what we could do.”

Another common goal was parenthood, but not, as Angelina reminded Vanity Fair, marriage. Despite their ever-expanding brood, soon to increase by two, Brad and Angie haven’t wed.

“People have made a lot out of it that we’re not, but we both have been married before, and it’s very easy to get married, but it’s not easy to build a family and be parents together," Angelina said. “And maybe we’ve done it backwards, but we certainly feel married.”

Dish on the fly
Splitting her time between two needy daughters has led to backlash for Lynne Spears. Star magazine reports Lynne’s youngest daughter Jamie Lynn, who’s due to give birth to her first child next month, resents the time her mother devoted to big sis Britney and her public woes. “(Jamie Lynn) feels that since she’s gotten this far on her own, she doesn’t need her mother’s help (with the pregnancy),” a family insider revealed. “She told Lynne to butt out and even said that she’d rather have baby daddy Casey Aldridge’s mom in the delivery room instead of her.” Ouch!