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Mariah Carey's Christmas hit is all we want thanks to Jimmy Fallon, Roots

Little did we know that all we really want for Christmas is for Jimmy Fallon and his "Late Night" house band The Roots to put their own spin on a holiday song.

Fallon and the band teamed up with Mariah Carey and banged out a most-rad version of Carey's "All I Want For Christmas," complete with accompaniment by the greatest of classroom instruments: kazoos, xylophone, wooden clackers, a melodica, and of course, sleigh bells and actual kids.

If this treatment looks familiar, it's because last month Fallon and company teamed with Christina Aguilera for a similar backstage performance, using office supplies to perform her song "Move Your Body." And back in June, Carly Rae Jepson stopped by to have fun with her viral hit, "Call Me Maybe." And let the record reflect we are totally fine with the recycling of this idea. In an era where the only remix a song gets usually involves Auto-Tune, "Late Night" proves going back to basics can be the most fun. And who doesn't love an excuse to bust out the melodica?

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