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Mariah Carey in Labor! Or Is Nick Cannon Just Goofing Us?

No Mariah Carey did not have the twins. She's not even in labor.
/ Source: E!online

No Mariah Carey did not have the twins. She's not even in labor.

Nick Cannon just thought it would be funny to pull an April Fools' prank on, well, everybody.

And, boy, did he sucker some folks...

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Cannon was live on his own CBS Radio show, Rollin' With Nick Cannon, on New York's 92-3 NOW, when he interrupted an innocent conversation about the Yankees' opening day victory to shout "Real talk, I gotta go. My wife!"

Then he said nothing else and left the radio station, leaving cohost Nikki Hesse solo.

Soon after, Cannon called in to the show from his car and Hesse yelled, "We're having babies?" Show producer Southern Sarah Lee shouted, "Congratulations!" Cannon answered, "Thank you."

Cannon had them hoodwinked, along with Perez Hilton, who posted claiming "Mariah Carey is about to give birth" and...Matthew McConaughey? (Who also called in to the show today.)

Finally, Cannon couldn't take it anymore. He returned to the show and told Hesse it was just a prank. Then he tweeted that he pulled "the best" April Fools' joke and told everyone to "relax."

Good work, Nick.

But he wasn't the only one to get into the spirit.

- Per tradition, our E! buddes Joel McHale and Ryan Seacrest ot into it. First, The Soup host hijacked Seacrest's personal site, replacing Ryan's photos with Joel's. Then Seacrest's web minions got into the act, having his site taken over by the Bronx Zoo Cobra and having the rare Seacrest Pygmy Mamorset shipped away.

"The escaped TV and radio host had fled the zoo grounds after using his hair gel to slip the lock on the Pygmy Marmoset exhibit gate. Haha just kidding. They really sent him to the flamingo pond. He'll feel pretty there," the caption reads.

- Speaking of the Bronx Zoo Cobra, Animal Planet decided to pull a little prank of its own, sending out a press release announcing a (fake) television deal with the snake. @BronxZoosCobra: Snake on the Town is the name of the two-hour mocumentary, which details the serpent's whirlwind tour of New York City.

"With never before seen footage, the cobra's home movies, photography, and an exclusive interview with confessionals, the candid special will offer the real story behind the cobras escape and solo adventures through New York City. The special also will highlight the cobra's meteoric rise to fame and her interactions with the city's elite, including Mayor Bloomberg," reads the release.

The still-nameless snake even gave a quote of her own: "I'd really like to do a talk show like The Soup where I make witty and sssarcastic comments about other animal shows...The possibilities are endlesss."

- Funny or Die took last year's "Bieber or Die" stunt one step further with "Friday or Die"--featuring, yes, all things Rebecca Black. There was a True Hollywood Story-esque expos and, when you tried to leave, the URL browser bar got taken over by "Friday" lyrics.

- In what we're pretty sure is an April Fools' joke, Khlo Kardashian Odom claimed her Twitter was "hacked" by Nicole Richie, replacing the usual tweets with jems like "My poops are in the shapes of Ks."

- And finally we have James Franco, who of course treats every day like it's April Fools' Day. The actor-Oscar host-artist-singer- teacher was announced as RuPaul's special guest co-host on RuPaul's Drag Race. And he'd be doing it completely in drag. During his final exam week at school.

RuPaul eventually came clean, admitting to newnownext that it was just a hoax. But then again, when it comes to Franco, you never can tell.

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