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Marge Simpson finally gets a new dress, thanks to 'Project Runway'

Marge Simpson visited "Project Runway: All Stars" and decided the green dress just had to go

After almost quarter of a century in the television spotlight — all the while sporting the same green dress — Marge Simpson finally got herself a new outfit, thanks to "Project Runway: All Stars."

In a video message to the designers, the beehived beauty admitted that she hasn’t exactly kept up with the latest fashion trends.

“Normally I have one simple fashion philosophy: find a dress that looks good on you and wear it every day for the rest of your life,” the animated matriarch said.

But with a swanky dinner date with hubby Homer coming up for the show’s 25th anniversary, she was ready for a change. Since it’s the first new clothing she’s gotten in quite a while, Marge was very vocal about what kind of outfit she did—and did not—want to see come down the runway.

“No green!” Marge declared, before adding that Homer requested the outfit be “easy to remove,” should he be feeling particularly frisky after one too many Duffs. (Ahem!)

“This isn’t the hardest challenge we’ve had, but it’s certainly the most confusing,” designer Christopher Palu said as he wandered aimlessly around the work room.

With Marge being a no-show at the runway, her fashion fate was left in the hands of host Alyssa Milano, judge Isaac Mizrahi and three guest judges: designer Stacey Bendet, actress Abigail Breslin and last season’s “Project Runway: All Stars” winner Anthony Ryan.



While all of the designers’ outfits certainly had more pizzazz than Marge’s tired green dress, a few fell short, including a futuristic gown by Jeffrey Sebelia.

Irina Shabayeva’s dramatic eggplant purple dress was ultimately deemed the perfect date night outfit for Marge, and in the end it was Sebelia that was sent home.

Although he broke down in tears when it was announced that he was out, he took his elimination in stride, proclaiming — what else? — “D’oh!”

Check out the clip to see Shabayeva's winning look, and expect to see more of it soon. The dress will be featured on a future episode of "The Simpsons." 

"Project Runway: All Stars" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.