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Marcus Jordan says his dad will be best man when he marries Larsa Pippen

The son of basketball icon Michael Jordan is dating Larsa Pippen, a star of "Real Housewives of Miami.”
Marcus Jordan, J. Pippen, Michael Jordan
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Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen have been quite coy about engagement rumors lately, but when the couple does get married, the future groom already has one wedding detail figured out.

During a new appearance on the "Pablo Torre Finds Out" podcast, the lovebirds talked through some potential wedding plans and Marcus Jordan revealed that he intends to ask his father, basketball legend Michael Jordan, to play an important role in the ceremony.

“I was the best man at his wedding and the best man at my brother’s wedding, and so obviously, we’ll keep that tradition going is my thoughts on it," he said when asked if his dad would give a speech at the wedding.

When they eventually say "I do," Marcus Jordan said he's tempted to host a few ceremonies.

“We’re very private people, the Jordans, and so if it was up to me, I think we would do maybe multiple weddings: one private for our family and friends and then maybe there's one that’s a little more public," he said. "But you know, I guess time will tell."

Pippen stars on the “Real Housewives of Miami” and her beau said the show's producers have already been asking when they plan to get married and if they would be willing to film it for TV.

"That's another thing that we're kind of playing along, whether or not it will air," he said.

When asked to provide a timeline on the wedding, Marcus Jordan offered the following response.

"It's in the works is my go-to saying right now. I don’t think we have a date. We’re still talking about locations and party size and all of that stuff, so it’s not really concrete yet but it'll happen," he said.

In August, the couple addressed engagement rumors during an episode of their podcast “Separation Anxiety” and said all the hubbub started after paparazzi asked them if they were planning a wedding.

“I think I responded in a cheeky way. I told them that, you know, we’re looking for a location and that it’s in the works,” Marcus Jordan said.

Pippen quickly clarified that she was sporting a shiny piece of jewelry, but added that it was a "promise ring."

In July, Pippen said she was "traumatized" when her beau's father told paparazzi that he didn't approve of their relationship. However, Marcus Jordan said it didn't phase him because his father told him he was "joking."