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For many readers, Olympics make for great TV

Cheer on the athletes or stick with old favorites? With the Olympics now in play in TV programming, readers are finding ways to enjoy the games while still catching their regular programs.
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Cheer on the athletes or stick with old favorites? With the Winter Olympics now in play in TV programming, viewers are finding ways to enjoy the games on NBC while still catching their regular programs. ( is a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

"I DVR everything," wrote one reader. "I watch my favorite shows the night after they air and fast forward through the advertisements. ... I watch the Olympics the night after and can fast forward past the interviewers interviewing each other and boring me with color commentary while enjoying the actual performances of the athletes."

And some prefer to enjoy the events as they air.

"I am watching the Olympics live and loving it!" wrote another reader. "I treat each Olympics as my vacation and plan for it just the same ... except I don't have to travel or fight crowds."

Read on for more reader comments about what they’re watching during the Olympics and why.

I'm watching my regular shows (fortunately none of them are on NBC), and watching video coverage of the Olympics. I live in the same time zone as the Olympics, but NBC refuses to provide live coverage for the West Coast, so why would I waste my time watching 'old news' during prime time, when I can see the video at my leisure? — Anonymous

I only watch the live events shown during the day. I get the other Olympic updates from the Internet. — Peter Gordon, Foothill Ranch

It's addicting television, especially a welcome change to normal sporting broadcasts or same-ole same-ole TV. Curling. Still don't understand it, but it's an everyman sport that's fun to watch. Skiing, snowboarding, skating are done well this year. ... All in all, definitely watching it more than in years past, and in fact watching much more TV as a result of it. — Joe Feyereisen, Queen Creek, Ariz.

I've only seen clips on here. I watched some of the preliminary stuff. But I haven't seen a single Olympic event. I'd like to lie and say that it's a boycott of your company for the whole Conan O'Brien thing. But, really, I only watch Heroes and Conan. — Ramsey Roberts, California

Watching some of the primetime Olympic coverage and Tivo catches all my other shows. Note to networks: Though I understand that the Olympics are a behemoth, my Tivo still works. Put new episodes on and stop these ridiculously long hiatuses. — Marla Golden, Yardville, N.J.

It is extremely annoying that NBC is tape delaying coverage of premiere events on the West Coast. We are in the same time zone as Vancouver! This usually isn't an issue since we get a Canadian station (that airs everything live) in the Seattle area but that station didn't get the Canadian broadcast rights this time. — Heather Siddons, Bothell, Wash.

My priority is Olympics over other shows. Had to switch to 'American Idol' during commercials, just to have a peak. I mostly watch figure skating, and did not like that it was interrupted with other competitions in the middle. I love the energy of the game, and great commentators. — Maria Kagan, Chicago

My days/nights consist of DVRing all Olympic broadcasts (including the Today show covering the games), when I come home from work I watch while I make dinner and take care of the family. I watch until its time for bed and do it all over the next day. — Anonymous

Watching live Olympics as well as replays of events televised earlier. And MSNBC — enough with the front-page spoilers! I'm about to boycott your site for the rest of the games. — Anonymous

I am totally watching the Olympics. GO USA!!!! However, I would be lost without my DVR so I can still catch my regular shows. Isn't that the whole purpose of having a DVR? — Susan Bouley, Crestview, Fla.

I am watching every night after work. I love the Olympics and watch as much as I can. I am DVRing my favorite shows that are conflicting with the Olympics but it may be some time before I can watch them as the Olympics will be on for the next 10 nights. — Christine Newell, Sewell, N.J.

I'm watching the Olympics sparingly — a little goes a long way for me. I think devoting 17 days of primetime entirely to it is way over the top. — Anonymous

I'm watching the Olympics mostly, but not DVRing anything since most of my favorite programs air on NBC anyway. We'll probably keep watching the Olympics in my home — if I decide to catch some other shows, there's always Hulu. — Jenifer Lawrie, Nashville, Tenn.

We tried to watch the Olympics. The TV listing turned out to be very misleading. It should have read "Hours of Commercials with Brief Interruptions by the Olympic Events." We timed it and the few minutes we could watch entailed 4 minutes of commercials interrupted by 2 minutes of Olympic coverage. Turned it OFF. — Sandra Amerine, San Diego

Watching Olympics over American Idol now only because the singing hasn't actually begun yet.  I skip Hollywood week on AI every year and start watching faithfully once they actually get down to final 24. — Darryl Outler, Overland Park, Kan.

I'm watching it. I especially watched last night and am paying for it today with lack of sleep. But to me it's worth it — once every four years different countries get together and exhibit good sportsmanship. ... Though I have to admit, I switched between the Olympics and "NCIS" on Tues. — Dian Davis, Los Angeles

I am not watching, am bored with the whole thing and there is of course nothing else to watch. RERUNS!  except for a few programs on USA OR TNT.  Not much else. Why do the networks stop the programing so NBC can get all the watchers?  Just like Sundays year round, nothing for anyone who does not watch sports. — Anonymous

I'm watching every televised minute, and some recorded action on my computer ... this is a terrific occasion (slightly marred by inclement (or lack of) weather). I will switch to world news, occasionally, but find the games newsworthy enough. I laugh with the "Today Show" crews and their antics...keep it comming! — Louis Mahrt, Cincinnati

I've watched every second! I'm an avid skier and I've always loved wintersports, so I'm a little obsessive about it. ... As far as non-Olympic broadcasting, I did manage to squeeze in LOST on Tuesday night, but other than that, I've skipped the regular shows. I'll catch up on them some other time...the Olympics only happen once every four years, and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest! — Amie Forger, New York City

Totally watching the Olympics every evening! How could you not want to see some of the finest athletes in the world compete. And it doesn't matter to me if they actually won the medals earlier in the day I enjoy watching the actual event. — Kathryn Solomon, Johnstown, Penn.

We are watching everything but hockey and curling. I mean everything. We are winter sports freaks and the kids love to see the sport that they do every weekend. Why? These folks give their all to be the best and I think that is worthwhile to see. Also there is the global aspect. Too bad the coverage is so biased to the American contenders. — Lori Ogbuji, Superior, Colo.

I want to see the Olympics, but NBC's coverage is awful. You spend entirely too much time yapping and interviewing. Show the sports, stop time delaying things. Show it live, and show as many competitors as possible. — David Stewart, McCleary, Wash.

No way I'm DVRing the Olympics! I LOVE the Olympics and all the NBC coverage. The only thing that makes me NOT want to watch is the headlines on website homepage giving away the outcomes of events to be shown in primetime. — Leslie Follmar

Everything! Come on, it only comes on once every 4 years. Best reality TV!! — Ruth Tellez, Easton, Penn.

I am watching what I think are the Olympics, there seems to be way to many commercials tho. I have been DVRing my regular shows but I think I should start DVRing the Olympics so I can fast forward the commercials. I understand that we need the commercials but 7-8 in a row then when they return you miss a lot of the programs. — Anonymous

Not watching! NBC's coverage is too much about NBC and its side stories. I have pretty much quit watching NBC's coverage of events precisely because it's all about NBC and the specials, shows and personalities it is promoting and not about the event itself. Really ruins the event for me. Put the spotlight back on the event. — Martha Donaldson, Reno, Nev.

I am completely hooked on the Olympics. I go to the bedroom every night promptly at 7:00 so I can watch ALL the coverage. This suits my husband fine, since he can play Call of Duty 2 uninterrupted. I think the Olympics are a great source of patriotism and a way to feel connected to the rest of the world for something other than oil prices and political conflicts. — Mary Virginia Clause, Ocean Springs, Miss.