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Many readers feel ‘Indy’ fails to fully deliver

Were the critics being too critical when dishing out the so-so reviews of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”? According to many of our readers, no. While there are plenty of die-hard Indy fans, many were left disappointed by movie’s end (some much earlier). “I saw it and wanted to leave just minutes after it started. ... This movie goes nowhere fast ... (it) does not have
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Were the critics being too critical when dishing out the so-so reviews of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”? According to many of our readers, no.

While there are plenty of die-hard Indy fans, many were left disappointed by movie’s end (some much earlier). “I saw it and wanted to leave just minutes after it started. ... This movie goes nowhere fast ... (it) does not have the heart nor a story that the previous films has had,” Richard from Greenville, N.C., wrote.

“It is fantastic! I'm 57, saw the first 3, loved this one, can't wait for the next one! The critics are too critical,” said Pops from Fort Worth, Texas.

Read on for more reader opinions about the movie.

Take a proven storyline, an actor who's character has been driven to folk-hero status, throw in a legendary director for good measure, and you have a movie that's a guarantee from the first shout of "action." Only somehow it's not. From one fast-paced action scene to another, this film puts you through all the Indy moves that should leave you cheering, and you know when you should because the musical score builds to an exciting crescendo, but you just don't feel the urge. I don't know if I was disappointed so much as completely unaffected. Maybe I'll put one of the classic Indys in to get the adreneline rush that this one never delivered.— Tiff, Sioux Falls

Great movie! I love that the Indiana Jones franchise has never taken itself too seriously, and this one fit right into the mix! I would have liked to have seen more from Marion, perhaps a little more conflict than was shown, and the ending was a bit corny (seriously, this isn't Jane Austin!) but overall, a fun action movie in the spirit of Indiana Jones.— Dee


Ford, LeBeouf, Blanchett on new 'Indy' film

May 22: The cast of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" discuss the film with NBC's Mike Wilber.


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trueH6falsetrue1It was all right but it certainly didn't live up to the hype or the expectations. Thought Shia LaBeouf stole the picture though. He was great.— Lucy, Salt Lake City, Utah

I took my 12-year-old son who, having watched the previous three "Indy" movies multiple times on DVD and TV, is steeped in the Indy mythology. Watching his reaction to "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" on the big screen was like watching myself at "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when it first came out — laughing, cheering, amazed at the action, pulling for the good guys, booing the bad guys — having a ball of a good time as he joined the ride and became part of the adventure. I was there, right with him and Indy. ... When my son and I got home, he found an old leather jacket of mine as well as an old camping fedora. He put them on, came into the living room singing the Indy theme song. We ended up on the floor wrestling and laughing. ... We had a wonderful evening at wonderful movie!— Jeff, Luray, Va.

I went to see "Indiana Jones" on Saturday with a great sense of anticipation. I walked out satisfied but not knocked off my feet. Gone was the underlying humor, or at least it was quite sedated. It did seem a little formulaic and I think in some spots they tried to hard to recapture something that they had in the past. There were also flashes of brilliance and that showed the potential of what the movie could have been. ... I can see the series going with Shia taking the lead, but they have to groom him more and get smarter with the scripts if they want this series to go any further.— Danny, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Very solid movie. It picks up where the old ones left off despite the time gap. It is refreshing that they didn't try to reinvent the wheel.— Jamal

Sadly the new Indy film lived up to my expectations. I expected Mr. Ford to bee too old for the movie and I thought he was, feeling more like a gruff ole granddad than the intrepid swashbuckler of old. Shia LaBeouf was thankfully reined in but basically the second coming of Short-Round. Marion had lost all her edge and fire, and there were simply too many gags and chases and not enough plot. I couldn't get myself to care about the myriad of characters romping through the screen. And Ms. Blanchett had very little to do other than chomp on some scenery. I had hoped that my initial misgivings about the movie would be ironed out during production, however there they were once the movie hit the screens.— Laura, Puerto Rico

It was hard for me to get over Indiana Jones being old. But once the film started going, I enjoyed it more and more. Was it Ford's best performance? No. Was it the best Indiana Jones film? No. But fun all around.— John, Fort Valley, Va.

Having grown up on a steady diet of the Indiana Jones trilogy, I was wholeheartedly disappointed with the silly plot of the latest installment. Aliens? Come on! In the last 20 minutes, my wife leaned over and said, "If there is a spaceship, I am going to leave." Without hesitation, I asked, "Will you need help with your coat?" since I was certain what was coming. We slogged through it, though, with gritted teeth. What a stinker. As we left the theatres with our friends, we were tossing around alternate titles such as "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Crap" and "Raiders of the Last Buck."— Anonymous

The movie was just okay and doesn't live up to the hype. Part of the movie was fast paced but part of it was boring. And part of it was very hokey too. But if you're a Harrison Ford fan like me, then you'll enjoy it. I rate it a "B."— Lisey, San Francisco

I went to see the first Indiana Jones movie with my dad when I was 9 years old. This weekend I had my own 9-year-old on tow. My kids and my wife loved it so much that they are talking about going to see it again. I like it too, even though I was not crazy about the sci-fi twist (a little price to pay after 19 years of waiting). Bottom line great movie for everybody in the family, lots of fun and action.— Joel, Brandon, Fla.

Not a bad flick, but doesn't compare to the previous three. It just didn't "feel" like the other ones. I think it boils down to relying too much on CGI to do stunts rather than doing them the old fashioned way (not to mention digital ants, or computer generated plants for the jungle). Or, possibly because it was shot on digital it just felt too "shiny." I will admit, it's growing on me, but not what I expected. Maybe I just can't get past Mutt swinging through the jungle with monkies then having the best fight sequence, with a lot of aide from a computer.— Dan, Ingram, Texas

The man with the whip and the fedora is back! While it didn't move me the same way the original "Raiders" and "Last Crusade" did, this was definitely a nice send off to the character. I doubt we will see Ford in another Indiana Jones movie, but it certainly paved the way for the franchise to continue with Shia LaBeouf.— Stephan, Philadelphia