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Many love Carrie; Bo fans disappointed

Readers also comment on age limit, show filler
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Carrie Underwood may have been named the "American Idol," but runner-up Bo Bice still has plenty of fans, and there's no question that both will succeed in music.

Preliminary Nielsen estimates are that 29.4 million people tuned in to see Underwood win on Wednesday night's show, up from the 28.8 million who watched last year, when Fantasia Barrino beat out Diana DeGarmo for the title.

Here are some of your thoughts on the finale.

CARRIE KEPT IT REAL“Carrie was my favorite all season long. She kept it real and down to earth like the farm girl she is. I was so happy that it was her -- Bo was good but she stood out more.”   --Kelly

NO BO, HE’S A PRO“American Idol is a great show and this season the talent was the best ever. I couldn't decide between Carrie Underwood or Anthony. I feel the age group should be between 16 and 25, and I also feel that the new American should NOT be a professional. That was the only downfall this season because Bo was and that was not fair.”    --Kathy

BO WAS ROBBED“Once again American Idol has proven that it is simply a popularity contest, with no regard for who actually is the better singer. Bo Bice walked away with the entire season but didn't win the title in the end. My Idol watching days are definitely over.”    --BJN

“The best yet! I loved the versatility in the music, they were both winners in my opinion...their styles are so different, yet the talent was equally mesmerizing. The higher age limit for this type of contest may have been a bad call...since Bo obviously had years of experience over Carrie, they need to keep the age down to expose fresh and deserving talent...on the other hand, I would love to see a "Should have been a star" contest for over 30...lots of great talent in that range also, give them the chance to be heard as well.”    --Maria

BO VS. CONSTANTINE“I wasn't rooting for Bo initially. I liked Constantine better. Once Constantine left, it was easy to see why Bo made it as far as he did. He is simply an awesome performer. His style was like no other.”    --Nadia

TOO MUCH FILLER“I like the singing competition as much as ever but I think there's sometimes too much 'filler' and too much emphasis on making a long drawn out drama of every vote. It's too hard on the participants -- and for what?”    --Pat

BO AND CARRIE DUETS?“The higher age helped bring in talent. It brought groomed vocalists to the forefront. What would this competition have been without Bo? In fact, I can foresee them doing a few songs together on their respective albums.”    --Al

CARRIE DIDN’T GROW“Carrie has sang in a band and at fairs and events throughout her life. She's not as much a diamand in the rough as people think. Also, as far as her performing, she not only pales in comparison to Bo Bice, but also Jessica Sierra and Anthony Federov. Being a true star requires real artistic ambition, if you look at greats like U2, they continue to push the envelope. Carrie has always had the talent, but it showed up about one third of the time. She got the 'Idol' crown, but did she earn it? No. While Bo Bice learned to adapt and grow in the mold of a great artist, by adapting his rock style to funk and dance music with 'Vehicle' and 'For the Love of Money', Carrie showed some but much more limited growth.”    --Jamie

ROCK IS ON THE REBOUND“I can't believe America chose Carrie to win. She has no originality. We already have tons of country/pop singers out there. Bo was a real rocker and something we don't see so often in today’s music. Some say his music is old news, but I think it's coming back.”    --Ted

LOVED THE CELEB JUDGES“Best season ever! Better format...not having to sing a particular musician's songs (i.e. Englebert Humperdink or Barry Manilow), which was limiting (especially for young kids who have never heard of these old performers). Having guest judges during try-outs was very fun to watch. KISS Gene Simmons, being the best. The finale show was excellent and entertaining. Carrie had the most beautiful voice and the best choice to win. Bo was the most entertaining. I only wish Nadia had gone on longer. Upping the age got us Bo so the answer to that is obvious.”   --Susan

WRITE YOUR OWN SONGS“This is obviously a popularity contest. If it were truly based on talent, Bo would have won. Carrie hit flat notes and cannot carry a song requiring a strong voice. She will wind up with all of the other talentless country hacks. If the competition was truly about talent, the contestants would have to write their own lyrics and play their own song. Instead what you have is manufactured stars.”    --Anonymous

AMAZING TALENT“I think there was more talent this season than I've ever seen. Last night's finale was totally awesome with all the talent on stage. Carrie was a winner, and it's good to have someone that at least appears to be young, beautiful, talented and best of all innocent.”    --Bonnie

SINGERS WEREN’T WORTHY“This time around I was real disappointed. Didn't think any of them were worthy except maybe Vonzell.”    --JB

PUBLIC BOUGHT IT“Bo was the best by far. The producers of the show groomed Carrie to win and the American public bought it. I hope they don't wait for me to buy her CDs.”  --Deana