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Mandy Moore hints at what causes Kevin and Randall to stop talking on 'This Is Us'

The actress says problems from their past come bubbling to the surface while they tend to the ailing Rebecca.
/ Source: TODAY

In a flash-forward earlier this season, “This is Us” teased the fact that Kevin and Randall are not speaking and now show star Mandy Moore is giving some insight into what may have caused the rift.

“I think we’re starting to understand the simmering tensions they have — this sort of long-standing tension that’s kind of been simmering beneath the surface for these brothers for a couple of decades,” the actress, who plays the characters’ mother, Rebecca, told Us Weekly.

Moore, 35, says the fissure may be the result of old issues the brothers have that come out in the wake of Rebecca's Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, which was revealed on this week’s episode.

“I think this has been a factor in their relationship for longer than they really admit or possibly were even aware of,” she said. “I think it all comes to a head with them not necessarily being on the same page with how to move forward in terms of caregiving for their mom.”

“Before this season is done, we’ll sort of see that particular argument come to a boiling point,” she added.

Moore also opened about Rebecca’s health problems, saying it’s tested her range as a performer.

“It’s incredibly emotional and I think in typical ‘This Is Us’ fashion, we really tried to handle this particular storyline with a lot of sensitivity and respect and grace,” she said. “It’s a lot to be wading into these waters and I think what’s also been challenging, as an actor, is seeing the way that my character handles the news and the revelation of just how distinctly her life is perhaps going to change.”

Moore, who says “I know what’s in store for her,” believes Rebecca’s condition will be a pivotal part of the show’s next few seasons.

“We have two more seasons of watching Rebecca on this journey and how it’s going to fundamentally affect the fabric of the family will definitely be something to watch,” she said.