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Mandy Moore says she may work on new music with her fiance

The "This Is Us" star told Sunday TODAY's Willie Geist she may collaborate with her fiance, musician Taylor Goldsmith, on a record. We're already excited!
/ Source: TODAY

Mandy Moore has really big plans in store for her fiancé, Dawes singer-guitarist Taylor Goldsmith (besides marriage, of course). She’s hinting that they may collaborate on a music project.

The “This Is Us” actress, who first became a household name in the late ‘90s as a pop star, told Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist she may get behind the mic again, with a little help from Goldsmith.

“I live with a musician who’s an incredible songwriter. I wouldn’t be surprised if we make music together,” said Moore, 33, whose last studio album was released eight years ago.

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So, how would a Moore-Goldsmith collaboration work?

“In some way I think we’ll write it together and maybe he’ll play on it,” she said. She then laughed and added, “I’ll have to hold him to that. I’m putting it out there publicly now.” (No pressure, Taylor!)

It was only recently that news of Moore's engagement to Goldsmith went public. She told Willie she feels “like the luckiest girl in the whole world.” She also hinted that she and Goldsmith may start a family in the not-so-distant future.

"I always wanted to be a mom," she said. “I think I was waiting for the right person and the right time, for that to sort of coincide. I think (motherhood is) definitely the next chapter for me — sooner rather than later.”

To hear more from Mandy, including how she nearly passed on the role of mom of three Rebecca Pearson on “This Is Us,” watch the videos above.

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