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Mandy Moore reveals why she wasn't hesitant to marry a 2nd time

The 35-year-old always knew another great romance was waiting after her six-year marriage to Ryan Adams ended.
/ Source: TODAY

Mandy Moore never doubted she would get another chance at love.

The “This Is Us” actress, 35, has opened up to Michigan Avenue magazine about the highs and lows of her love life.

Moore married Dawes singer Taylor Goldsmith last November, which came after a tough six-year union with musician Ryan Adams that she says had a negative impact on her career.

Annabel Mehran

Moore told the magazine the marriage to Adams was “dark,” “lonely” and “painful.”

The actress, however, had no hesitation about dating again.

“I was very hungry,” she said. “I was not apprehensive at all. I knew that past situations didn’t define me and didn’t even define what love or marriage or relationships or any of that had to be. My experiences in the past were singular to that.”

Moore remained confident that a special someone was out there waiting for her.

“I knew, even before I met Taylor, I would love again, and I would get married again, and I would have a family,” she said. “And all the things I always hoped for and wanted, I still believed were out there and possible. Not to say that I didn’t have my own grief and pain and trauma to tend to, deal with, overcome and heal from, but it never affected how I feel about love.”

And marrying Goldsmith seemed as natural as anything she had ever done.

“It was inevitable — it was always what was going to happen,” she says of their nuptials. “I was like, ‘Oh, this is what it’s supposed to be like. This is how life is supposed to unfold.’”