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Mandy Moore reveals which 'This Is Us' cast member is a worse dancer than she is

One of her on-screen sons has some issues when it comes to gettin' down.
/ Source: TODAY

Justin Hartley makes Mandy Moore look so good. Well, at least she thinks he does.

During an appearance Wednesday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the actress revealed that “This Is Us” co-star Hartley is the one cast member who’s a worse dancer than she is.

DeGeneres showed a clip of the cast, minus Milo Ventimiglia, doing the “Smeeze” dance, which recently circulated on TikTok, as well as other social media platforms. Moore was dressed up as the older version of her character, Rebecca, while Hartley, who plays Kevin on the NBC drama, was in the background.

“I’m a terrible dancer," she said. "You can see I very strategically hid myself behind Sterling K. Brown and Jon Huertas. I’m in old age makeup, so maybe you don’t even know that it’s me, but Justin makes me feel better about myself as a dancer. Bless him.”

“I love him, he’s so talented. He’s an incredible actor and director, but dancing is not his forte. It makes me feel better about myself ‘cause I’m not great either, but he’s doing something totally different,” she said.

“He’s listening to another song on headphones,” DeGeneres joked. “It looks like something I’d do as a joke.”

The video made its way onto Instagram, where people pointed out that Hartley couldn’t exactly keep up with everybody else.

"Hahaha Justin what you doing over there?" someone wrote.

"Kevin is struggling!" someone else pointed out.

"Why is Kevin in the back all off beat lol," another person commented.

The cast was back at it last week, performing the “Out West” dance to celebrate the fact they wrapped up shooting on the show’s current fourth season.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, Hartley did not dance, though. Instead, he walked out and stared in bewilderment at his co-stars as they busted a move, perhaps illustrating his confusion when confronted with the concept of rhythm.