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Mama Spears has rocky relationship with girls

While Britney Spears and sister Jamie Lynn have always been close with their mother, Life & Style reports it’s at best a love-hate relationship.
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While Britney Spears and sister Jamie Lynn have always been close with their mother, Life & Style reports it’s at best a love-hate relationship. Sources tell the publication both stars resent Lynne’s transition from stage mom to real mom.

A peerlike interaction is said to be at the heart of Britney’s problems with Lynne. “That’s because they were always more like girlfriends than mother and daughter,” an insider shared with L&S. “They could fight like high-school girls, too. Lynne used to take such pride in telling people that she and Britney were best friends. But when Lynne then tried to act like a mom, Britney hated her for it.”

The story is a little different for Jamie Lynn. When Mom flew out to L.A. to help Britney battle her woes, the pregnant 16-year-old rebelled against Lynne’s long-distance supervision. “Jamie Lynn hated that her mom and dad told her she had to keep a low profile in public with Casey (Aldridge).”

According to the source, when photographers caught Jamie Lynn out and about with the young father-to-be, her mother flew straight back home to put a stop to it, leaving Jamie Lynn upset.

“Jamie Lynn is still a little girl at heart and needs her mama. But (she’s) also happy when Lynne’s not around. That way she can do whatever she wants. She’s got a problem with authority.”

Panic leaves Madonna fearing for her lifeThough she looked like her usual pop powerhouse self at Monday’s , Madonna’s not always so cool and collected. In an interview in the latest issue of Dazed & Confused, Madonna admits she suffers from panic attacks so severe they leave her fearing for her life.

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“I have moments where I feel incredibly invincible and know that I have the audience in my hand — I know that everything is absolutely perfect,” the Queen of Pop explained. “And then I have panic attacks where I feel like everyone is breathing my air and I cannot live up to everybody’s expectations and I might just die on stage.”

But living the motto “the show must go on,” Madonna’s learned to curb the anxiety when it hits without ever leaving the stage. “I normally try to turn my back to the audience, take a deep breath and remind myself that it’s all temporary. I’m not worried about f---ing up — I really have a panic attack that everyone else is breathing my air. It’s hard to describe. … When you have panic attacks you cannot rationalize them.”

Dish on the flyLooking to make his father status official, Harrison Ford has decided to adopt Calista Flockhart’s 7-year-old son, Liam. “Harrison wants to give Liam his name,” a close source revealed to Star magazine. “He adores him as though he were his own flesh-and-blood child, and Harrison is the only dad Liam has ever known.” Calista, who adopted Liam in 2001, is fine with the plan, but allegedly wants the “Indiana Jones” star to formalize another relationship first. “She wants to walk down the aisle,” the source added. … Though he’s not planning to convert, Keith Richards has taken up bible study, reports. Well, sort of. “I read the Bible sometimes but it bores me to death,” the 64-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist said. “I just want to know what other people find so (expletive) fascinating. Why are they all hung up on all that ‘In the beginning’ stuff? Ah, well. At least life is stable. It has said the same thing since I was a kid.”

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