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Mama Shields ‘often disappointed’ in Brooke

Tidbits: Daughter Brooke doesn’t make time to see her and often snaps “What do you ever do for me?” Mama Shields tattles to the National Enquirer.
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Regarded as one of the most controversial stage moms of the 1970s and ‘80s, Brooke Shields’ mother is stirring up controversy once more. In a tell-all interview with the National Enquirer, Teri explains why she’s disappointed in her celebrity offspring.

“I don’t see Brooke or my granddaughters much, and if they do come over, it’s only for a little while and then they’re gone,” Teri told the Enquirer. “I wish I could see Brooke, but all she does is work. … But (she) always makes time to visit her friends no matter how busy she is.”

It’s not merely a lack of face time that has Teri down, she’s not happy with what she calls son-in-law Chris Henchy’s “Svengali-like” influence over her daughter. “I’m often disappointed in (Brooke), like the times she snaps: ‘What do you ever do for me?’ That’s what her husband tells her to say.”

Teri added, “I preferred Brooke’s first husband, Andre Agassi, over Chris.”

Spencer’s high hopes for Heidi Despite what music critics or the listening public might think, Spencer Pratt insists that his “Hills” hottie girlfriend, Heidi Montag, is a mega-star waiting to happen.

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“When people hear what we have in the bank, it's gonna blow their minds,” Spencer raved to People. “Madonna, eat your heart out. Britney Spears, eat your heart out. I would say we have diamond records coming – they're gonna sell 10 million plus.”

If all that vague bragging fails to convince anyone, Spencer hinted that fans could expect the album’s overall production budget to match that of Heidi’s “Higher” video. “We're financing (the album) ourselves on a shoestring budget,” he explained. “It's so organic. And this is just the warm-up. We're just heating up the water in the bathtub. It's gonna get hot!”

Dish on the fly Justin Timberlake plans to pop the question to girlfriend Jessica Biel, according to Stuff. The pop crooner was recently spotted shopping for engagement rings at Tiffany and Co. “Justin was really taking his time looking round the rings,” a spywitness said. “He made the staff get a couple out of the cabinets so he could properly look at them. He didn't buy anything but told the manager he would think about it.” … When Victoria Beckham checked into the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park, she expected to be treated to the usual paparazzi parade, but there wasn’t a shutterbug in sight. That wouldn’t do for the limelight loving Posh. “Victoria was complaining loudly, ‘Where are the photographers? I want them called and alerted that I’m here!’” a source told Us Weekly. … At 70 years old, Morgan Freeman insists he’s still a hot commodity. In fact, in a quote posted to Digital Spy, the veteran actor revealed that younger women frequently pursue him. “You get approached by young ladies quite often,” Morgan explained. “You couldn't possibly try to entertain all of the people who seem to be offering you entertainment. Most of them want some compensation for it.” Of course that’s not his only reason for turning down the offers. “Most importantly, I have a wife at home who I love very much.”

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