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Malin Akerman shares her favorite part about playing Tess in '27 Dresses'

Akerman says she and co-star Katherine Heigl "really developed a sisterhood."

Malin Akerman remembers one scene in particular from the 2008 movie “27 Dresses.” She played Tess, who will do anything to get what she wants.

“One of my favorite parts about playing Tess was when she got to be bridezilla. I loved that scene in the movie,” she said. “It was fun to do. I'm pretty chill as a person, very opposite from that. It's always fun to play opposites and just get all that out.”

She also really enjoyed getting to act alongside Katherine Heigl, who played her character's older sister, Kate.

“Katherine and I really developed a sisterhood while we were shooting together. We would spend so much time off camera and have dinners together and really get to know one another, including her mom, who is great. I just pretended they were family. We had a lovely time shooting it,” she said.

She had a great time working with Ed Burns, who played George.

“With Ed, to have him as my love interest, he was so wonderful to do any scene with, really.”

And where would Tess be now? Akerman has hope she ended up with George after all.

“I like to imagine that her and George end up together, that they work through it, and she becomes more humble and grounded through this experience. And I want to believe that she's had some growth in her life, and that she's become a better person through it all,” she said.

Malin Akerman is now starring in “Friendsgiving,” which she says was many years in the making with her good friend Nicol Paone, who wrote and directed the film.

“It was loosely based just on some things that had happened in our lives. Her and I, we went through breakups at the same time but dealt with them very differently which kind of triggered this idea in her head to write about it. And we had spent many Friendsgiving together,” she said.

They both didn’t have family in LA, where they both were living, so they decided to have fun dinner parties together for Thanksgiving.

“(Nicol) made a really fun little film with all of these amazing characters whom I absolutely adore. The cast we got is just incredible. It was the cast was my favorite part about making this film. We had so many laughs.”

"Friendsgiving" is available in select theaters, on demand or on digital now!