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Major League Producer on Charlie Sheen's Sequel Potential: "He's Being a Little Difficult Right Now"

Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn just needed glasses. Charlie Sheen's problems run a little deeper than poor eyesight.
/ Source: E!online

Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn just needed glasses. Charlie Sheen's problems run a little deeper than poor eyesight.

"He's a talented person," Major League producer James Robinson, whose Morgan Creek Productions has been working on getting Major League 3 together for the last year and a half, exclusively tells E! News. "What a waste. What a shame. I don't know where he's going right now. I don't know where he's going to end up."

Sheen, for one, is pretty confident that he'll land on his feet. But Robinson has good reason to doubt the future of the sequel the not-quite-fired sitcom star is so excited about.

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"He's very important to the movie," says Robinson. "I can't tell you for sure [if we'll cancel it], but I can only say that his character, and him playing that character, is very prominent. So that could be a possibility."

"It never occurred to me to have anyone but him play the character that we wrote for him," Robinson added, meaning John Stamos is probably out of luck again. "He's not in the film yet because we don't have a deal with him yet. Our respective representatives have had dialogue but I haven't talked to him. His part is absolutely in the script and he is very prominently part of the story."

But having also produced Georgia Rule, the trouble-plagued Lindsay Lohan-Jane Fonda film that put Lohan's reliability issues on the map, Robinson knows not to ink a contract with a guy who can't perform ( so to speak ).

"Both sides of the contract always have obligations," he says. "If it's obvious, or we believe he can't perform, then it would be stupid to put him in the film if he would have difficulty filming that role. There's been very few times I've ever had an actor that couldn't perform."

But Robinson seems to have fond memories of Sheen, who he also worked with on Young Guns.

"He was good to work with," he says.

"I'm an optimist," says Robinson. "He's being a little difficult right now, and I understand that. I'm sure he's got his demons torturing him. I sincerely hope there's a way he can come out of this dark tunnel. But it appears that, so far, he's either not following whatever treatment should be administered or it's not working. I frankly don't know which it is."

Well, Wild Thing eventually stopped pitching high and outside and brought the heat. Maybe Sheen can do the same.

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