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Magic carpet! Can you spot the phone hiding on this rug?

Here's what happens when color coordination goes a little too far.
/ Source: TODAY

We all have that impossibly put-together friend who always seems to be able to match her clothes to her nails to her travel mug, making the rest of us feel like we might as well give up and let our toddlers dress us.

Well, today we found out what happens when color coordination goes a little too far.

Can you spot the phone in this photo?

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We can just imagine this woman's delight upon finding a phone case that perfectly matched her rug.

"It's my favorite color!" she may have thought. "It will look so chic on my coffee table!"

And it sure did ... until it fell off the coffee table, never to be seen again.

This photo has confounded over 17,000 Facebook users and been shared nearly 13,000 times.

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Can you see it?

Give up yet?

Okay, the phone wasn't lost — this was clearly a plant. But still, it's pretty unbelievable how well it blends in. The camera lens is the only giveaway!

Rugs: They're just like us ... they can't resist a good accessory.

Jeya May Cruz/Facebook