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Maggie Gyllenhaal won’t act like Katie Holmes

The star is taking Holmes’ role in “The Dark Knight,” but she plans to do her own interpretation of Rachel Dawes that has nothing to do with the way Katie played the role.
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Maggie Gyllenhaal has a message for fans: I’m no Katie Holmes.

The critically acclaimed actress — who is taking over Holmes’ role in the Batman series  — has startled some in Hollywood by distancing herself from Tom Cruise’s wife, who received lukewarm reviews for “Batman Begins.”

“I’m not walking into Katie Holmes’ performance,” Gyllenhaal said, reports WENN. “I’m thinking of it as an opportunity to play somebody who’s alive and smart. Chris (Nolan the director) asked me to do this because he wanted me, not because he wants some generic lady in a dress.”

Katie Holmes

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Katie Holmes

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Gyllenhaal, who usually sticks to indie films, will play the role of Rachel Dawes in the next installment of the Batman series, “The Dark Knight.”

Silverman says, ‘Sorry’Sarah Silverman got some laughs at Paris Hilton’s expense, but the comedienne now says she’s sorry. Silverman made a quip about the partying heiress at the MTV Movie Awards, just as Hilton was about to head to jail. An uncomfortable Hilton squirmed as the crowd chuckled.

“I thought, ‘She’s got to know there’s going to be a joke about her,’ so I went for it. But then I looked down and saw a man in her face with a camera,” Silverman said, reports Australia’s MX. “I was there to be funny and I was, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel bad about it.”

Hilton has insisted she bears no grudge, recently saying, “She’s a funny comedian and hopefully she won’t be as mean the next time she sees me.”

Notes from all overMichelle Pfeiffer admits that she and hubby producer David E. Kelley have had some rough patches. “We all have our baggage, and David and I are no different from anyone else,” the “Hairspray” actress told Canberra Times. “And we’ve been to marriage counseling. I’m a big proponent of therapy. I’ve had a lot of it in my time and it’s really helped me.” ... Kevin Naff, the Washington Blade managing editor who first called for a gay boycott of “Hairspray,” says he has received “hateful mail and phone calls from those identifying themselves as gay Scientologists,” including one who “threatened to bash my head in with a baseball bat.” But he still insists that the whole brouhaha has been blown out of proportion. ... Mariah Carey isn’t afraid of overstatements. “Hello! I know I haven’t called you since 1802,” the “Glitter” star said in a message to fans. “Actually, I haven’t called anyone. I’ve been really, really busy and when I do get free time, I’m on vocal rest so I can like get back in the studio for 20 billion hours. So everybody’s mad at me but whatever.”

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