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Is Madonna's marriage on the borderline?

Is Madonna’s marriage on the rocks? The Material Girl was recently photographed in Los Angeles without her wedding ring.
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Is Madonna’s marriage on the rocks?

The Material Girl was recently photographed in Los Angeles without her wedding ring. The singer has acknowledged some rocky patches in her marriage to director Guy Ritchie, but has maintained that she and her husband are committed to making things work.

Madonna’s rep says the absence of the ring is not significant. “I don’t think there’s any particular meaning to that,” she told The Scoop. “She does not always wear her wedding band.”

Still, fans of the singer were alarmed when her brother recently suggested that Madonna and Guy were staying together mostly for the children. “They both want to see the children,” Christopher Ciccone told the London Mirror. “It’s the children that will keep them together. The children are everything to them.”

Stretching outGwyneth Paltrow is going to have to bend over backwards in giving a yoga lesson.

A fan has paid more than $50,000 for a private yoga lesson with the “Shakespeare In Love” star. Paltrow donated the lesson to Prince Charles’s charity, and the cash will go to a cause.

“Someone has spent a great deal of money on it so I’m going to have to really come up with an excellent plan,” Paltrow said. “Unfortunately, I can’t do it in the nude or anything to make it really exceptional — but I will try and come up with a good plan for a yoga lesson.”

Notes from all overLooks like Pete Doherty’s mom is writing a “Son, Dearest” tell-all. Jacqui Doherty is penning a book about the trials and tribulations of raising her rocker son. “She wants the world to know what it’s like to be the mother of a rock star who is also a heroin and crack addict,” a source told the London Sun. “She has suffered every high and low in his life and cried a lot of tears.”  . . . Bart Simpson has something in common with Tom Cruise — he loves Scientology. Or at least, the woman who does Bart’s voice does. “Before Scientology I had one dream of making a living from doing voice-overs for animation,” said Nancy Cartwright, the voice of the animated character, who’s in Australia doing a one-woman show. “After I became a Scientologist my abilities expanded so far and above what I originally dreamed that I’ve amazed even myself.”  . . . Ron Howard says some of those “Da Vinci Code” protestors aren’t quite what they seem to be. Howard is directing the movie version of the controversial book, which is to star Tom Hanks. Filming at England's Lincoln Cathedral was reportedly met with protests from people angry about the book’s portrayal of Christianity. “Actually, of the 200 protesters that were reported,” Howard told Canada’s National Post, “199 were Tom Hanks fans and one was an angry nun.”

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