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Madonna works out to Britney tunes

She also has no interest in Justin Timberlake’s butt or singing ‘Like A Virgin’ ever again.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Britney Spears got the thumbs up from former duet partner Madonna on Thursday.

In an interview on New York’s , Madonna told host JJ that she is a fan of Spears’ “Blackout.”

“I actually love Britney Spears’ new album. I listen to that a lot,” Madonna said.

In fact, she does more than just listen. “I usually work out to her record,” Madonna said. “I do a combination of Pilates and dance aerobics.”

Madonna also got candid about Britney’s ex, Justin Timberlake, who contributed to her new album “Hard Candy,” which comes out April 29.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Madonna had given Timberlake a Vitamin B shot. It wasn’t so she could see his bottom, as Z100's JJ suggested.

“I mean, I’ve seen enough butt so that’s OK,” she sighed. “The reason I gave him a B12 shot is cause we only had a certain amount of days in the studio and I didn’t want him using that as a lame a-- excuse not to come to work, OK? It’s got nothing to do with butt, I promise you. Listen, I don’t need to give him a shot to see his butt.”

Madonna also revealed that she has no plans to sing some of her classic songs ever again.

“I’m not sure I can sing ‘Holiday’ or ‘Like A Virgin’ ever again. I just can’t,” she said. “Unless somebody paid me like $30 million or something.”

Madonna plans to start “Hard Candy” on the road with some shows in April and May.

“Then I’m thinking about and looking forward to doing a bigger tour at the end of the summer, beginning of the fall,” Madonna said, “But it’s not 100 percent confirmed yet.”