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Madonna wanted to adopt 10 more kids

Her involvement with African orphans changed her life, says the singer, who wishes she could have done more than simply adopt one child.
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Madonna’s first documentary, “I Am Because We Are,” which focuses on the lives of African orphans amid the AIDS pandemic, is set for release later this year, and she wants the world to know how the film changed her life.

“I was approached by a woman who lived (in Malawi) who said, ‘Look, you have children; you’re a mother; you write children’s books; you donate money to children’s charities, so we know that you care. There’s a state of emergency going on here, over a million children orphaned by AIDS. People pay attention to what you do and what you say, so could you please help?’” Madonna explained to Parade magazine. “I just thought, ‘How can I say no?’”

She couldn’t, and Madonna said the decision was an easy one. It also gave her a new focus.

“When I experienced what was going on firsthand, I just got sucked into the whole thing,” the queen of pop said. “Thank God I did. I met some amazing people and, hopefully, I’ve changed the lives of a lot of children.”

Of course, her involvement with Malawi orphans changed one child’s life more than any of the others.

“I’ll never forget meeting my son, David,” she told Parade. “If I could, I would have adopted 10 more children. There’s just so many that need parents and one’s more beautiful and lovely than the next.”

Charlize too lazy for diva days
The Hollywood life hasn’t gone to Charlize Theron’s head.

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Celebrity Sightings

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While the “Sleepwalking” star enjoys her success, she told Newsbeat she just doesn’t have the energy to play the diva.

“You know what, I'm lazy,” the actress told the radio show, “and to be a diva takes a lot of energy, and so that's why I don't do it, because I just don't have the energy.”

Charlize’s view on diva-hood comes from the demanding, phone-pitching Naomi Campbell school of thought.

“It's a lot of work to be a diva,” Charlize explained. “People forget. It's hard to yell at people, and it's really hard to hit them. If I had more energy I would do it.”

She joked, “I hit my publicist this morning. Apparently that doesn’t go over too well!”

Dish on the fly
Just in case anyone is still creeped out by those pictures of Hulk Hogan applying suntan lotion to his daughter’s backside, 19-year-old Brooke wants to clear the air. “I know I'm a grown woman, but it’s like he’s touching an old car,” she explained to Us Weekly.  After all, “He used to change my diaper!” ... Randy Jackson celebrated his 52nd birthday last weekend and received an unexpected gift from fellow “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell. “(It’s) a barbaric-looking sword,” Randy said in a quote posted to “I don't know what part of me he wants to cut off, but that's a whole ‘nother thing.” Simon might want to think twice before arming his sometimes-adversaries.

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