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Madonna’s tell-all brother silent on divorce

Christopher Ciccone hasn't spoken out about his sister Madonna's split because it is “a private matter between her and Guy Ritchie,” he told In Touch.
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It’s been nearly a week since Madonna and Guy Ritchie announced their split, and oddly enough, the queen of pop’s little brother and biggest detractor, Christopher Ciccone, hasn’t had a thing to say about it.

Why is the man who penned the tell-all tome “Life with My Sister Madonna,” remaining mum on the big news? In a statement issued to In Touch, Ciccone broke his silence long enough to explain.

“In writing my memoirs, I have made a great many observations about myself and my sister Madonna,” Ciccone said. “I will not be commenting on her divorce as that is a private matter between her and Guy Ritchie and would consider any commentary on my part dishonorable and disrespectful.”

That marks an interesting new perspective from the sibling who had plenty to say about the ins and outs of Madonna’s marriage in his book and even admitted he took a “guilty pleasure in watching (her) squirm” in the past. The new attitude may signal renewed family relations, too, as Ciccone mentioned he’s made contact with his celebrity sister.

“I have expressed my heartfelt sadness to her and her family and offered my support should she need it,” he said.

Lindsay Lohan gets snippy with her gal pal Reports of troubled times for actress Lindsay Lohan and and her ever-present DJ pal Samantha Ronson are making the rounds again. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the testy twosome were caught bickering their way through train ride just last week.

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“(Lindsay was) whining incessantly and Samantha was trying to deflect it,” said an eavesdropper along for the Acela ride to Washington. “When Lindsay would get up, Samantha would sigh and put her sweatshirt hood back up.”

Though the spy referred to the exchange as a “quiet fight,” Lohan allegedly raised her voice loud enough to be overheard telling Ronson, “Don’t (bleeping) lie to me!”

Timeouts for the Brangelina bunch No doubt being part of a globe trotting A-list family comes with perks, but when it’s time for discipline, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s brood don’t get the star treatment.

“When the kids misbehave, they send them to their room and make them think about what they’ve done,” a family insider recently revealed to OK! magazine. “Then Brad or Angelina will come talk to the kids and make sure they understand what they did wrong. It’s all about teaching them responsibility and to think for themselves.”

Dish on the fly According to Lance Bass, wedding bells could be right around the corner for fellow ’N Sync alum Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Jessica Biel. “I think they’re both very, very family oriented people,” Bass said in a quote posted to Digital Spy. “So I definitely see them getting married pretty soon.”

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