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Madonna’s former nanny on tell-all tour

Weeks after the rumor mill claimed Madonna unfairly fired her former nanny, caregiver Angela Jacobsen embarked on a tell-all tour. But Jacobsen’s tattling doesn’t sound like the usual disgruntled ex-employee chatter.
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Weeks after the rumor mill claimed Madonna unfairly fired her former nanny before the young woman had a chance to quit, caregiver Angela Jacobsen embarked on a tell-all tour. But Jacobsen’s tattling doesn’t sound like the usual disgruntled ex-employee chatter. In fact, she sounds like she’s still on the payroll.

While the 29-year-old initially fueled the bad blood rumors in series of angry Facebook posts (“Not putting up with this s--t any more... Standing up for my rights regardless of consequence”), she told Australia’s Today Tonight that the messages had nothing to do with Madonna.

“I wasn't referring to Madonna,” Jacobsen insisted. “That was something that was written in privacy. Unfortunately the settings were changed on my Facebook and the public were able to see private comments and photos.”

Still, Jacobsen admitted that Madonna’s camp reminded her of her confidentiality agreement after the posts went public, an agreement that doesn’t seem to interfere with any of her recent interviews praising the pop star.

During her conversation with Today Tonight, Jacobsen repeatedly referred to Madonna as a “fantastic mother” and expressed her disappointment upon learning courts blocked the singer’s bid to adopt Malawian orphan, Mercy James.

Like father, like sonActor Matthew McConaughey claims he knows the way to woo a woman because his late father taught him well.

Dad’s first rule of romance? “No” means no.

“If you ever make a move, whether it's for a kiss or touching her down there, and you feel the slightest bit of resistance, stop,” McConaughey recalled his father’s words in an interview with Men’s Journal. “‘A lot of times, after you stop, they're going to then say, now it's OK. Don't. That time, that day, that's as far as you go.”

Apparently pop’s advice paid off, as McConaughey considers it “a great lesson” learned.

“You do that, and you know what? Women do come back,” the actor assured. “They say, what? Nobody stops! They want to go out with you again. And eventually you don't have to stop.”

Kathy Griffin: Lohan’s life is no laughing matter
Every move from Lindsay Lohan makes headlines lately, but comedian Kathy Griffin just can’t find the humor in any of it.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

“I'm more likely to make fun of Lindsay Lohan a year ago,” the “My Life On the D-list” star told PopEater. “She was clubbing every night with the girlfriend and, like, DJing — but now it seems like she's in the throes of real trouble. It feels like kicking her when she's down. Believe it or not, I might kind of take her out (of her joke repertoire) for the time being. That's a little hard to find the comedy in.”

It’s not the first time Griffin’s decided to not to cross a comedic line. Long before Lohan’s recent woes with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, it was the death of Anna Nicole Smith that caused Griffin concern.

“People ask me about Anna Nicole all the time,” she said. “I made fun of Anna Nicole — I went to her house one time and she was really f---ed up. But when she died, I had people say to me, 'Are you going to make fun of her tonight?' No. She died today. The line is always so clear to me. People often say that I have no boundaries, but the line is crystal clear to me."

Dish on the flyDisney teen queen and box office topper Miley Cyrus isn’t a fan of every Disney flick. In an interview with Teen Vogue, the “Hannah Montana” star blasted the 1951 cartoon classic, “Alice in Wonderland.” “It’s such a perverted movie,” Cyrus ranted. “It's all about Ecstasy. I swear!” For sensible fans who don’t buy into Cyrus’ theory, the actress added, “Look it up online.” … A fourth trip down the aisle could be in the cards for former “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson. After marriages to Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon, each one briefer than the one before, Anderson and her designer sidekick Richie Rich were overheard hinting that she might wed boyfriend Jamie Padgett. reported the actress recently assured Miami partygoers that “(My sons) just like that Mommy’s happy — we’re all happy,” while pal Rich was heard to tell the crowd, “I already did one (wedding dress) — we'll do another one.” … Retirement isn’t really an option for actors, according to screen veteran Michael Caine — it’s simply an inevitability. “I don't think you ever retire from films — films retire you,” the 76-year-old said in a quote posted to The Daily Express. As for his own film future, Caine’s adopted a wait-and-see approach. “I don't have my next movie and I'm not looking for one,” he said. “But someone will give me a script possibly and I'll work again. If someone doesn't give me a script that I want to do, I'll retire. But there won't be a great announcement or fanfare of trumpets. I just won't do anything. I'll stay at home and do what I always do, which is cooking, gardening and writing.”

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