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For Madonna, the play’s the thing

Will Madonna do Broadway? The Material Girl has written a lot of material for a musical.
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Will Madonna do Broadway?

The Material Girl has written a lot of material for a musical. “I did write about 20 songs over the last couple of years for a musical, for which I never ended up doing,” Madonna told a Canadian reporter from eTV.

Madonna also hinted that she may be turning into a stage mom. She said she herself may one day take the lead role, or she quipped, “I’ll just wait a couple years and my daughter can do it.”

In other Madonna news, apparently she and Michael Moore discussed the possibility of his directing her documentary, “I’m Going To Tell You a Secret” — which has been getting a very chilly reception from critics.

“Michael Moore was very instrumental in helping me, even before I began filming,” Madonna told the London Telegraph. “He actually offered to direct it, but he was editing ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’. He said, ‘Can’t you delay your tour and do it later?’ and I said no.”

Is DeLay delaying ravages of age?Did Tom DeLay have a face lift?

Nip-and-tuck aficionados have been buzzing about the strangely stretched visage in the mug shot of the former Majority Leader, who is facing charges of conspiracy and money laundering.

The folks at have studied the recent pic and an earlier one, and concluded that DeLay has had a nose job. “One nostril is almost nonexistent, while the other looks normal,” it notes, adding, “Sometimes, when a rhinoplasty surgery goes wrong, there can be problems with nostrils healing properly.”

Additionally, bloggers have dug up info that when DeLay was elected majority leader, he had his teeth capped and that he once had his eyelids lifted, supposedly to help his vision.

Notes from all overWill Jennifer Aniston sue the media outlets that claimed she was smooching Vince Vaughn — when it was actually just a lookalike blonde? “Jennifer will always reserve her legal rights when her privacy is endangered,” her spokesman told The Scoop.  . . . "Dirrty" singer Christina Aguilera is also generous. She has told guests invited to her December wedding not to buy gifts and instead donate the money to Hurricane Katrina survivors.  . . . John Berendt’s phenomenally successful “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” raised some hackles among Savannah’s elite; now his “The City of Falling Angels” has infuriated some Manhattan socialites. The book delves into the doings of Venice’s upper crust, and chronicles, among other things, infighting in the ultra-exclusive New York based charity, Save Venice. “Some there are pulling out their finely coiffed hair about they way they’ve been portrayed,” says a source. When asked for a reaction to the book, a spokeswoman for the charity told The Scoop, “We have no comment.” John Berendt says he knows that at least one-half of the feuding parties are pleased with the book; he’s heard that the other half is not. “I think it was an even-handed portrayal. I frankly didn’t take sides,” Berendt told us. “As long as I’m comfortable that I did that, the chips have to fall where they will fall.”

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