'Mad Men's' Shipka offers advice to child actors in 'Funny' clip

The life of a child actor or reality star has never been easy, but thanks to this hilarious clip from FunnyOrDie.com, help is on the way -- in the form of "Mad Men's" Kiernan Shipka, who plays Don Draper's little rebel Sally Draper.

Outfitted in a professional red dress and sporting a Hermione Granger attitude, Shipka takes fellow child (and former child) actors including Nolan Gould ("Modern Family"), Danielle Fishel ("Boy Meets World"/"The Dish"), a tot labeled as "Baby Hope" from "Raising Hope" (who doesn't quite resemble the twins who actually play the baby on the show, Bayley and Rylie Crecut) and even Eden Wood ("Toddlers & Tiaras") through their deepest fears, tics and delusions.

"I feel like every time I step outside of my house, people are stopping me and recognizing me ... from my hosting job on 'The Dish,'" complains Fishel.

"Try repeating after me: 'No one watched "The Dish,"'" advises Shipka.

Meanwhile, Gould ends up slapping himself around, while a wailing Hope gets prescribed "one more round of antidepressants, and that's it," but the best comes up last, as the heavily-made-up Wood (who reportedly retired at age 6 in August from the beauty pageant circuit) worried that she had no idea what her real face looked like, and her neck is tired from holding her face up.

"I want to be a regular human girl (for Halloween)," she complains, "but my mom won't let me."

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