'Mad Men' creator wants actresses to avoid the gym and get curvy

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/ Source: TODAY contributor
By Ree Hines

The pressure many actresses are under to maintain a slim and sleek shape might be the norm in Hollywood, but “Mad Men” star January Jones is happy to be part of a production that’s an exception to the rule.

In an interview with Britain’s Tatler magazine, Jones applauded show creator Matthew Weiner and his idea of figure-flattering suggestions for the leading ladies of “Mad Men.”

“He would prefer we didn’t work out and that we eat really well, so we look like healthy women,” Jones explained.

The actress behind Betty “no-longer-Draper” Francis believes Weiner’s approach reaches far beyond her and co-stars Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss.

According to Jones, it sends a message to fans that “it’s OK to have curves and be a woman. I wish more women would realize that’s what men like.”

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