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Luke Bryan gives 'American Idol' contestant boots off his feet after noticing holes

The country music star gave contestant Colby Swift a souvenir he'll never forget after noticing the holes in Swift's cowboy boots.
/ Source: TODAY

Luke Bryan will even give the cowboy boots right off his feet when it comes to helping an up-and-coming country music artist.

The country superstar stunned "American Idol" contestant Colby Swift, 19, on Sunday night's episode when he gave him his boots after noticing both of Swift's boots had holes worn right through them.

Bryan asked Swift to show the camera the holes in his boots, and then asked him what size he wears.

"I mean, whatever fits,'' Swift said.

"Well, I'm a 12D, and I'll solve that little problem,'' Bryan said.

Bryan walked out from behind the judges' table and handed a shocked Swift his boots. The teen crooner immediately swapped them for his worn-out pair.

"So Colby, those boots are made for walking to the next round," Bryan added.

Swift had earned a standing ovation during his performance of "Before the Next Teardrop Falls," by Freddy Fender, which kept him in the competition until he was eliminated in the group round later in the show.

"That was crazy," he said after his performance. "I never thought I'd get a standing ovation, man. To have (judges) Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie stand up for me — it's a blessing, man."

Swift rose to the occasion in his first time under the spotlight.

"I never sang in front of a lot of people before," he said before his performance. "I ain't never taken a day of voice lessons before in my life. I can't sing like anybody else. I'm me — I'm Colby Swift — I ain't trying to be like anybody else."

He ended the night with a souvenir he'll never forget, and one that might help keep his feet a little more comfortable as he pursues a career in country music.

"I got Luke Bryan's boots!" he yelled before moonwalking off the stage to cheers.

Eventually, however, Swift was eliminated after forgetting the words to the Bruno Mars song "Grenade" during the group performance round.

"They told me those boots were your lucky boots, and then you put my boots on and this happens,'' Bryan said to Swift after he was eliminated.

"I am leaving with my head held high — and Luke Bryan's boots,'' Swift said before breaking into a smile. "They're my boots now. They ain't yours no more."