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Lovey-dovey Sayid makes an iffy deal on ‘Lost’

The former interrogator lost his love, Nadia, once, but now she’s off limits again in the Sideways timeline. Desperate to have her back, Sayid makes a deal with the devil.
/ Source: contributor

Normally, I’m the first one to beg the makers of “Lost” to get their unrequited romances out of my mystery! In fact, if there’s one good thing to be said about the final season of “Lost” thus far, it’s that the angsty love triangles, quadrangles and polygons that practically took over the show in seasons past haven’t really reared their doe-eyed heads since Juliet shuffled off her mortal coil in the first episode. That is until Tuesday night.

The good news is that the latest twist on the played-out theme didn’t feature the usual suspects. Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the aforementioned dearly departed weren’t the main attraction. No, the staring role in the triangle du jour went to the underutilized and ever so easy on the eyes Sayid. Or, more accurately, Alt-Sayid, the one hanging out in the suburbs of L.A.

It’s that Sayid who paid a visit to his star-crossed love, Nadia. Remember her? She fell in love with her Republican Guard interrogator and then they reunited briefly after the Oceanic Six made it home.

Then she died.

Those kids never had it easy and frankly, the alternate reality isn’t any kinder to them. See, Nadia is alive and kicking, which is a good start, but she’s also married to Sayid’s fiscally irresponsible brother, Omer. So the couple-that-just-can’t-be were left making sad, longing faces at one another. Waa waa.

Of course, being a Sayid-centric tale, violence, mayhem and intrigue made up for any lagging love story. Good thing, too. Sayid excels at those things and his fans, like yours truly, excel at loving every minute of it.

Even when those minutes are filled with the ultimate “what the what!?” moments of the show. As was the case when our hero went head-to-head with the tough guy who put the squeeze on Omer — a tough guy otherwise known as Keamy, the bloodthirsty freighter foe from two seasons ago. After dispatching the familiar face, Sayid checked in on Keamy’s heretofore-unknown hostage, Jin! Huh?

Oh, “Lost,” you’re just messing with us now. Expect an explanation about that scene sometime before the series ends. Or not. This is “Lost” we’re talking about. Until then, it’s on to the latest on-island drama. Big surprise — it’s all about Sayid, too.

Not that anyone’s complaining, mind you. In fact, the butt-kicking action actually amps up in the good old-fashioned reality. That’s where Sayid finally had a chat with Temple sensei Dogen and learned the latest scuttlebutt. In short, Sayid might just be evil, thanks to that unexplained resurrection of his.

Oh, and Dogen wanted him dead but didn’t want to do it himself. Whatever. Dogen had no qualms about begging a favor from his maybe-evil acquaintance. With Smokey (UnLocke? MockLocke?) on his way, Sayid could do a good deed and jab him with a knife.

As anyone who’s ever watched “Lost” no doubted guessed, the stab-Smokey plan backfired. Smokey didn’t cooperate with the whole dying part and instead offered Sayid his heart’s desire. Sayid wanted his long, lost — and when he last saw her, dead — love back.

The Man in Black? He wanted a big body count at the temple of doom. Done and done. Sort of. Let’s just say, Sayid slaughtered Dogen and his hippy pal, clearing the way for Smokey to do his violent thing. Sayid will have to wait a while for his payday.

If it ever comes. In the end, Sayid’s Faustian bargain is bound to blow up in his face. That’s how these things go. He told Smokey he wanted the lost love who died in his arms returned to him and Smokey’s sure to deliver. But rather than swapping Sayid’s recent bloody deeds for Nadia, expect a devilish switcheroo. After all, Nadia wasn’t the only ladylove to check out in Sayid’s arms. Remember Shannon? Yeah, good times ahead.

Ree Hines doesn’t really care if Sayid is good or bad, so long as he promises to always be her imaginary TV boyfriend. Follow Sayid’s girlfriend on Twitter at .