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Love Hewitt is ‘my Bella,’ says Jamie Kennedy

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a new man.

“Yes, we are dating,” Jamie Kennedy, the actress’ “Ghost Whisperer” co-star, revealed to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM morning show, “On-Air With Ryan Seacrest.”

Though he said the new couple aren’t engaged, the comedian said they’re “more than in love.”

“We have an intense connection,” he said, adding, “She’s my Bella,” a nod to the vampire romance of “Twilight.”

And Kennedy, who confessed he used to put his work before looking for love, said that his new romance has “everything.”

“If a person ever had everything, it’s Love,” he said. “She’s so talented, she can sing, she can dance, and she’s hilarious. And hot.”

He even had advice for Seacrest, who has also noted his own busy lifestyle.

“I’ve heard you say that you’re too busy for a relationship and I totally was like that,” Jamie said. “You can’t plan it… Here’s somebody that breathes life into you in a new way and that’s what she does for me.”

Love Hewitt split from her fiance, Ross McCall, over the holidays last year.