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Love blooms for Olsen twin and oil heir

Mary-Kate Olsen has found love again.
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Mary-Kate Olsen has found love again.

The 20-year-old mogul has been single for about a year — ever since Paris Hilton swiped her last sweetie, shipping heir Stavros Niarchos —  but for about a month, Olsen has been quietly dating oil heir Maxwell Snow, according to Star magazine.

Snow, who hails from Texas’ de Menil oil family, also happens to be Uma Thurman’s nephew — the son of her older half-sister, Taya Thurman.

Don’t expect the happy couple to go public with the romance anytime soon, however.

“Every time she gets a boyfriend, the media make it impossible for it to be a normal relationship, and she’s probably scared that all the attention would scare him away,” a source told he tab.  “It’s happened before, so she’s not making any public appearances with him yet.”

Prince of a girlPrince Harry’s new girlfriend has something in common with the president of the United States.

The royal’s sweetie, Chelsy Davy, is so prone to bloopers and  malapropisms that Harry affectionately refers to her as “Dubya.” Harry keeps a poster of some of George W. Bush’s gaffes on his wall to remind him of his love, according to the London Sun.

Her brother Shaun told the paper, “Last month she said, ‘Shaun, are woolly mammoths extinct?’ I said, ‘You can’t be serious.’ But she was totally convinced mammoths were still alive.” 

He added, “She asked our father why grass-eating buffalo didn’t eat deer when they got hungry. That’s Chelsy, and we love her for it.”

Notes from all overBritney Spears is asking her fans to help sell her hubby’s album. The “Oops, I Did It Again” singer is sponsoring a contest, and the fan who helps sell the most copies of Kevin Federline’s “Playing With Fire” gets to party with Spears and K-Fed on Halloween during the CD release party. Second prize is the pair of sneakers that K-Fed wore on the Teen Choice Awards, third place gets a $200 gift certificate, and 10 lucky runners-up get a replica of a medallion that K-Fed wears almost every day.  . . . Does Eva Longoria desperately love luxury lingerie? A source claims that the star dropped $1,220 on a camisole and matching skivvies of white handmade silk at Le Bra Lingerie in West Hollywood. She returned a few days later, says the source, but spent only about $800 on that visit.  . . . Meatloaf has some serious body-image issues. “My real name is Marvin, and Levi’s had a commercial on the radio that said, ‘Poor fat Marvin can’t wear Levi’s.’  And I was fat.  It nearly destroyed me. I’m still not over it,” the rocker told Blender magazine. “If we had lawyers growing up, I would own that company….I’ve always been the poor fat Marvin that can’t wear Levi’s. The closest I’ve come to skinny was on 'South Park.' I told them the only way they could use me was if they drew me skinny. So they did.”

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