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Louis C.K. tells David Letterman he found a dead body

Comedian Louis C.K. found himself in a serious situation earlier this summer. While taking his boat out for a little sun and fun off the New York coastline, he spotted a dead body.

Actually, as the "Louie" star explained during a Tuesday night visit to "Late Show," he got the heads-up about the body from a radio message from the coastguard first.

"As soon as they said it, I looked down, and there was the dude in the water ... just a floating dead person," he recalled.

It was the first time the funnyman had ever seen a corpse. As for host David Letterman, he said he was a veteran in dead bodies thanks to many funerals, but that he'd never seen one "in the wild."

"It was creepy and weird and I felt embarrassed for him a little bit," C.K. admitted. "I thought about it. This was a person. This was a story, a life. He's just a floater now. That's what they call them."

"They" being the authorities who asked him to wait with the body when he radioed back about it.

"At one point, I had my phone, but I don't want this guy on my phone," he said of the moment he considered snapping a photo. "I tried to think of what I would want if I was dead in the water and somebody was there."

In the end, he just waited quietly at the scene until the police and fire boats arrived.

"I think that showed restraint," Letterman laughed.