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Lou Ferrigno goes Hulk on fellow 'Apprentice' Lisa Lampanelli

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Lou Ferrigno let Lisa Lampanelli know just what he thought of her on Sunday night's "Celebrity Apprentice."

Forget big business! The focus in the "Celebrity Apprentice" boardroom this season is big drama.

Following last week's episode of bad blood between contestants Arsenio Hall and Aubrey O'Day, former "Hulk" star Lou Ferrigno, along with his on-team adversary Lisa Lampanelli, made waves this week.

Ferrigno wasn't satisfied with his role in the latest project, feeling largely ignored by leader Dayana Mendoza and Lampanelli, and when they all gathered together in the boardroom he explained that he had an extra issue with the comedienne.

"Can I say something? Lisa is lucky not to be a man tonight, because I would have thrown her right through that wall," the angry actor griped before turning to Lampanelli and adding, "because after the last boardroom, you called me a (expletive) loser.... And I think you're very negative. You're mean and vicious. I just wanted to say that to your face. Nobody calls Lou Ferrigno a loser."

And nobody threatens to smash Lampanelli, evidently.

"If you physically threaten me again, there's going to be a problem," she insisted.

The boss backed her up.

"Lisa, I'll protect you," Donald Trump said with a smile.

He did just that, in a way. Moments after the bickering came to an end, Trump fired Ferrigno for his "disloyalty" to the team.

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