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‘Lost’ viewers are divided over Nikki, Paulo

On "Lost," Nikki and Paulo received the flashback focus this week. Who and who? The two recent additions to the cast have hardly been major characters, and Sawyer's not alone in getting their names wrong ("Nina and Pablo") and acting as if he's never seen them before.
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On "Lost," Nikki and Paulo received the flashback focus this week. Who and who? The two recent additions to the cast have hardly been major characters, and Sawyer's not alone in getting their names wrong ("Nina and Pablo") and acting as if he's never seen them before.

Some viewers loved the episode, calling it a fun, stand-alone story. Others hated it. disparaging it as "filler." Here are some of your comments on Nikki and Paulo's moment in the sun.

JUST FILLER“This was nothing but a “filler” episode. It did very little, if anything, to advance the main storyline. The best parts to me were the burial scene when she opened her eyes just a little too late, and Sawyer’s apparent realization of the truth of Sun’s words about the diamonds..”they are worthless here”. The “old” Sawyer would never have carelessly thrown away millions of dollars worth of gems, although I would be amazed if he didn’t at least keep a few “just in case”.” --Bphat

WHY NIKKI AND PAULO?“I could find no reason for Nikki and Paulo to be in this episode other than to kill time. When the show first started I thought I had the wrong channel. Please stay with the main castaways. We’ve all grown an emotional attachment to them and want to watch their trials and solutions.” --Linda

GENIUS!“This episode was from ‘genius’ writers. Perfect one week drama, with no cliff hanger... My rating is A+ !” --Mike

LOVED IT“Loved this episode, for once I got drawn in instead of being bored. For once a whole story was told. Keep adding these stories and I hope that Paolo survives! He’s too gorgeous to be gone so soon. Liked how the crash was shown again with new characters inserted because there were always so many survivors that we never got to know and I’ve always felt like I wanted to and how silly that the main characters never talk to them. Only problem with story was that as soon as I saw Nikki learning about the medusa spider I guessed the ending.” --Kadge

NO NEED FOR NEW CHARACTERS“The story was interesting and moved fast but it wasn’t necessary to introduce the new characters as there are other characters that are good & missed - Rose & Bernard, Sun & Jin for example. It seems as though they were introduced just to be killed off...Plus the episode should have been titled “bringing back the dead” since everyone they ran into in the flashback have perished on the island.” --Tonia

WEAK EPISODE“This episode was weak. I didn’t really care for Nikki and Paulo. They were not good additions to the show. There are already too many. I liked Artz. He, Charlie and others with quirky personalities add to the mix. My favorite part of this episode was when Sawyer had those goofy glasses on.” --Lilah

YIKES"I can't believe they buried them alive!"    --AnonymousFINDING THE TOILET“This episode was filled with answers to questions we really didn't have, like the fact that Nikki and Paulo found the mystery hatch (and toilet) before anyone else, as well as the drug-filled plane that would later take Boone's life. Please get back to what we all want to see - Jack pummeling Locke for blowing up the submarine!”    --Kathy

DUMB“Dumbest episode yet!”    --Tom

GET TO THE POINT“What did they possibly have to so with what is going on elsewhere? They should never have introduced us to new characters. Now we have to keep up with someone else and try to figure out what they are doing on the other side of the island. I love this show but they drag it out. Just tell us why everyone found their way to the island.”    --Kendra

SEASON THREE STINKS“Season One and Two were amazing, I just don't understand why season 3 is so bad. I guess they wanted to change it up a little, but I have no idea why they added Nikki and Paulo to the cast. After the writers saw how every fan [was] appalled [by] Nikki and Paulo, they wrote them off. I'm rather disappointed so far because in the previous seasons we learned insightful information each episode, but now [they’re] meaningless storylines. I am still a fan, but I am starting to lose interest and hope.”    --Joe

TALES FROM THE CRYPT REDUX“OK. So here's how I imagine it. It's 1992, and two writers at FOX are talking.

1st: So, what are you working on?

2nd: Another script for Tales From the Crypt.

1st: You don't sound too excited about it.

2nd: Well, you know, the show's been on for 6 years now. And how many times can you write the same ironic revenge story, anyway?

1st: Caught in a rut, eh?

2nd: Yeah. It's another 'couple kills the rich old guy and steals his fortune only to get it in the end by being buried alive' story.

1st: God, how many of those have you done?

2nd: I don't want to think about it!

1st: Look. Why don't you ditch that script and help me out with this thing I'm working on. It's a show that parodies the seventies.

2nd: Tell me more!

This show will be the death of me.

Writer: I told you that it was getting too complicated.

JJAbrams: Well, THAT won't keep the execs off my back. They're screaming for a new script, and I don't know where to go. I need a week or so to sort things out.

Writer: Time for some 'filler'?

JJAbrams: Yeah, but it's gotta hold the audience. We're losin' them, you know.

Writer: Look. I have an idea. It's a little strange, but bear with me.

JJAbrams: Pitch it to me, baby!

Writer: You know that extra couple you threw in this year, the South American guy and the blonde?

JJAbrams: Yeah. The audience needed some new faces. I never knew what to do with them, though.

Writer: This is what you do. Build an episode around them.

JJAbrams: How?

Writer: [whispering] I have this old Tales From the Crypt script I took when I left FOX. They never used it. We'll just throw in a few 'Lost' situations and people. It's perfect!

JJAbrams: Tell me more! “    --Richard