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‘Lost’ fans: Hot guys are important to survival

When we asked readers which “Lost” guy they’d want to be stranded with, one thing became abundantly clear: Looks matter.
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Writer Ree Hines gave the pros and cons of being stranded with each “Lost” guy, and when we asked readers who they’d want to be stuck with, one thing became abundantly clear: Looks matter.

Survival was a concern too, but it seems a companion with a rock-hard body is a basic necessity, while the ability to keep them alive seemed almost secondary. (If you haven’t already guessed, the majority of respondents were female.)

So who do people want? Sawyer Sawyer Sawyer. (He also won our favorite men of ‘Lost’ vote.) “Sure, you might not live forever, but what the hey! You would go out with a huge smile on your face,” explained Glenda of Stillwater, Okla.

Read on for the reader responses.

Sayid is the man! From season 1, he has been my favorite. Good-looking bod, GREAT hair and gorgeous eyes aside, I think Sayid is the one man on the island who won't let you down. So, he has that one torture flaw — big deal! The least like to be stuck with is Locke. At first, I liked him — hunting, providing food, helping Charlie with the heroin thing, etc. But now, he's just toooooo creepy and controlling. Sayid should torture him back to reality. — Anonymous

I would want to be stranded with Sawyer, not just because he's gorgeous, but I would feel protected, and I think it would be great to read to him since he only has those broken glasses to wear! — Kathy, Grandville, Mich.

Shephard, I'd like to be stranded with Shephard, he is a caretaker and I would be protected. I'd least like to be stranded with Linus, he is just creepy. — Kaylani, Oxnard, Calif.

Desmond! He's already displayed his survival skills by living on the island for several years, is tough both physically and emotionally but still has a heart, can be a leader when need be, instills confidence and is easy on the eyes! — Leeza Patridge, Wake Forest, N.C.

Sawyer! Because he's hot and is willing to kill anything that threatens him or his friends. Ben would be the worst to be stuck with. Even though he knows almost everything, he's creepy and is more than willing to stab you in the back whenever he feels like it. — Brook, Ohio

I would most like to be stranded with Sayid. He's the only one who makes dispassionate decisions (most of the time). The others give in to anger more often. He's highly intelligent and can figure anything out. He's brave without being foolish. He's a good planner. He does a good job of ferreting out other people's motives, and exploiting them. Very pragmatic. Oh, and he's serious eye candy too, which never hurts. Although I like Sawyer's looks the best, he would be the least dependable to trust yourself to. But, I think if he could gain self confidence he would make a good leader. — Anonymous

I would love to be stranded with Charlie. Loyal, half-way decent survival skills, cute, makes a good hobbit. What more do you need? Being stuck with Jack would be no walk in the park though. That dude had a serious god complex. His way or the highway (uh err ... trail) doesn't really work for me. — Casey

Sawyer, because if you gain his affections he really will look out for you and put your safety in front of his own, and he always seems to have a large stash of useful items he has found on the island. Plus he is very sexy and the nicknames would keep you laughing. I would least like to be on the Island with Locke because he'd probably just end up blowing up your ride home. — Heather, Austin, Texas

The two men I would LOVE to be stranded on an island with are Sawyer and Jack. Need I say more? Hotness at it's best. I would least like to be stranded on an island with Ben. He is just too creepy. — Gretchen, South Point, Ohio

I would want to be stranded with Ben. He is an intelligent leader and I wouldn't be worried with him in charge. He amazes me all the time. John is the least. Although he is also intelligent and island smart he would become annoying very quickly with his warrior ego. — Diana, Meriden, Conn.

Sawyer, duh! If I'm stranded on an island, it better be with a hot guy — well, hotter than my husband anyway! Sayid comes in a close second, then Jack and Hurley. Jack would be a pleasant friend and Hurley would be all kinds of fun. — Melani, Laurel, Mont.

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Jack. He always knows what he's doing, he's a doctor, best looking and genuinely cares about everyone, which is a hard trait to find in people. — Alissa, Brookings, S.D.

If it was survival of the fittest and protection was my main worry, I'd choose Sayid. Come to think about it, if a sexy man were a concern, he also meets the requirements. Because he fills the bill in both categories he beats out Sawyer by one point. Only problem might be he's too intense. If survival wasn't a concern meaning it was easy to live on the island then I'd take Sawyer. He's just too cute, got a great sense of humor and you can't beat humor for making life seem hopeful and less bleak. Love his nicknames and there's something about the baggage he carries that makes you want to take care of him. — Miranda

Locke. Mad survival skills, can whip up a batch of natural hallucinogen on the weekends and is so desperate to be loved, a little bit of affection will win him over for life. And loyal? He may have shot a knife into Naomi's back, but he couldn't harm a hair on the head of anyone he's had more than a 5-minute conversation with (unlike trigger-happy Jack). Just convince him you're part of his destiny, and it's an eternity of poi and palm fronds in an island paradise. And boar for protein. Plus, his bald head, green eyes, and amazing pecs make me hot for teacher. No contest. — Surly, Chicago

Definitely Sawyer. Why? Isn't it obvious? He is so absolutely gorgeous! The root of his cynicism makes him just that much hotter because it shows he is vulnerable. Sexy! — Terri, San Diego, Calif.

Give me Sayid any day. He can handle any crisis with calm control. He doesn't care about petty problems. And he proved with Shannon that he's also a sensitive guy. And that hair. I love his hot island hair. And I'd rather not have Jack. The man needs to learn to discuss and explain instead of just dictate. Maybe he has good reasons for his decisions ... but I (if I were on the island) have the right to know why because it will affect me too. — Pam, Holland, Mich.