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'Losers' get a whole new look

Trae Patton / NBC / Today
Celeb hairstylist Ken Paves and "How Do I Look?" host Jeannie Mai joined "Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney to give the contestants new looks.

The remaining “Biggest Loser” contestants have dropped much of the weight that brought them to the ranch in the first place, and now, they’ve also dropped their old looks.

On Tuesday night’s makeover episode, celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves and “How Do I Look?” host Jeannie Mai joined forces to help the “Losers” reveal just what’s been hiding underneath those shaggy dos and baggy T-shirts. For Antone, Sunny, Vinny and John, that meant showing off leaner-looking bodies, updated hairstyles and a plenty of panache. In the case of the last remaining “senior” in the Battle of the Ages, 50-year-old Becky, the makeover revealed a stunning transformation.

Becky swapped her inky black locks and shapeless clothes for a lighter brunette do, a formfitting dress and one big smile. When it came time for the annual post-makeover tradition of reuniting the players with loved ones, Becky’s husband’s reaction said it all.

“Holy cow!” he said in genuine amazement. “You take my dadgum breath away.”

As it turned out, hubby took Becky’s breath away, too. While she was on “The Biggest Loser” ranch working to put 61 pounds behind her, he supported her back home by shedding 50 pounds on his own. To celebrate their mutual success, he got down on one knee and presented Becky with the wedding ring she couldn’t fit before joining the competition. It slid right into place.

Each of the other contestants shared equally tender moments with their significant others. John’s wife thrilled at his success. Antone’s wife cried happy tears at the sight of him. And Sunny’s husband, who landed a sneak peak a few weeks back when she won a trip home, smiled as she told him that she “got her hair did” and kicked off her new, fancy heels.

As for Vinny’s girlfriend, she could hardly believe he was the man she remembered from back home. He struggled to sum up what he was feeling when he set eyes on her again.

“There’s no dictionary word to describe how much love come into my heart and how much I felt for her at that exact moment,” he later told the camera.

Once the reunions were over, it was time to get back to the business of the losing more weight. They had one heck of a weigh-in ahead them. It was the last week on the ranch before the big marathon, and the final five was about to become the final four.

After a sweat-drenched last chance workout session, the group hit the scales. For most of them, the numbers were close, as losses of 5-10 pounds worked out to less than a one percent difference when applied to their weekly starting weight. But not so for Sunny. While she’s consistently dropped big numbers throughout the competition, with the exception of one early gain, this week, to everyone’s surprise, she only dropped a pound. That left her up against another strong competitor in Antone when it came time for the final vote.

That’s when something strange happened. Everyone, including Sunny’s close friend Becky, voted for her ouster. Becky even hinted that she cast her vote as a favor to Sunny so she could sweep an easy win for the at-home prize. All which begs the question: Did Sunny intentionally pull a small number this week so she that she wouldn’t be a member of the final four?

It could make sense. After all, she has a better chance of winning the home prize against the eliminated losers rather than the grand prize against the biggest guys in the game — John, Antone and Vinny. And don’t forget the marathon. If Sunny decides she really wants a spot in the finals alongside pal Becky, the fast runner could earn one there.

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