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'Loser' gets lonely for one bitter blue player

Trae Patton / NBC / Today
The "Losers" had a cook-off, and the blue team delivered a cabbage-wrap fajita.

On Tuesday night the action picked right up from where it left off last week, with lovesick Ramon waking up from the “nightmare” of losing Jessica. He couldn’t believe that his very own blue teammates — you know, the same ones who became his teammates just days earlier — voted her out.

How could they? What were those blue meanies thinking, busting up an alliance destined to be tighter than their loose, color-coded group at the very first opportunity? Oh, yeah! That’s right. Despite the noble fitness goals that come with “The Biggest Loser," this is a game and separating Ramon and Jessica made sense.

Just don’t tell Ramon that — or his on-ranch BFF Vinny. After all, when Vin heard the first post-elimination mention of Jessica having been a “threat,” he wasn’t happy.

“That’s the worst thing I wanna hear — that somebody says, ‘She’s a threat and that’s why I voted for her,’ ” he argued. “That makes me just cringe on the inside.”

As far as Ramon was concerned, the blues “might have just made the worst mistake of their lives.”


Eventually, Ramon and his pal put their rage aside (for now) so they could focus on the week’s work, which included the usual backside busting gym routines. But they, and the rest of the competition, weren’t just trying to save themselves. This week only one member of each team would take the scale, and the trainers would decide which player would represent their groups at the weigh-in.

Before the players stepped on the scale, there was of course a challenge to tend to — one that had the potential to help on the scale.

In a recipe on-the-fly face-off, the teams pitted their culinary talents against each other. Reds whipped up an extremely rare London broil with asparagus. The blue team went with cabbage wrapped fajitas. And the winners, aka Team Black, swept the competition with a low-cal pork and slaw dish that impressed the author of several “Biggest Loser” cookbooks, Devin Alexander, as well as last season’s winning “Loser,” Olivia Ward.

For their efforts, the black team won a spot for their recipe in the next “Biggest Loser” cookbook, lunch with Olivia and, more importantly, a 1-pound advantage for the week.

Not that they needed it. Trainer Bob Harper chose Becky to represent the black team, and with six pounds down this week, that advantage only widened their winning gap.

So the battle for last place came down between the reds and the blues. On the red team, Dolvett Quince (otherwise known as my unwitting, reality TV boyfriend) chose John to hit the scale. On blue, Anna Kournikova picked Joe, who promptly lost for his team thanks to a small (by competitive standards) loss of two pounds.

After a group vote, Joe, who sent Jessica packing last week, said goodbye to his pals.

Get ready for the “that’s karma, baby” speech Ramon will almost certainly deliver next week.

Was Ramon right to be so angry? And did the other teams send the right player packing this time? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page. 


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