Los Angeles news anchor goes full earthquake face during morning report

Image: KTLA news anchors
KTLA via YouTube
By Kurt Schlosser

A magnitude-4.4 earthquake rattled Los Angeles and the nerves of KTLA news anchor Chris Schauble early Monday morning.

During the station's morning newscast from Hollywood, a jolt in the studio interrupted Schauble and co-anchor Megan Henderson. Henderson was reporting on the latest Chris Brown court hearing — "Coming up, more problems for a troubled singer" — when Schauble jerked in his seat and gave the camera a wide-eyed, open-mouthed look.

"Earthquake. We're having an earthquake," Schauble said as he raised his hand to stop the news and report on a more pressing matter at hand. With that, he and Henderson left their chairs and dove under the anchor desk as the video screen behind them shook as it broadcast L.A.'s morning commute.

Schauble and Henderson returned to their seats a few seconds later and went right to work, declaring that the quake felt very close — it was centered five miles northwest of Westwood. Heavy lighting equipment above their heads continued to sway as Schauble attempted to dial up the U.S. Geological Survey on his desk computer.

Schauble wasted no time getting on Twitter, laughing along with viewers who got a kick out his earthquake face, which became his new profile picture. He also retweeted an Instagram photo posted by talk show host Arsenio Hall, which was captioned "Rockin' out in Cali!."









And because his own Internet stardom doesn't keep him busy enough, BatDad even uploaded a Vine remix of the moment.

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